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Thread: 3/4/07 Show Discussion **spoilers**

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    I think the judges have their hands full trying to pick a Danny out of this group--at least the way they performed tonight. I had to agree with them that Max was the best of the bunch, but it wasn't a great night for any of them. Derek is just going down hill fast and probably can't stop himself. As one judge said, Chad's pretty face will sell tickets but if he can't deliver a top performance word of mouth will kill future ticket sales. I'm not sure why they wanted to see Austin act funny since Danny isn't funny in a comedic way. I agree that Derek and Chad will be in the bottom 2 and that they will save Chad.

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    I missed the opening number. Did the guys do a group song like the girls did last week?

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    Yes, they did grease lightning.... complete with car. I don't know what is up, but the singing is way off tonight... they are all off pitch.. mostly flat. Maybe the stress and constant pushing is taking it's toll.

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    It was actually Allie and Laura who were crying for Kathleen - Kate was booted the week before.

    Allie had a duet with Chad one week, but I think last week she said that she and Max were soul mates... but that she believed Chad was more Danny than Max. Allie and Max are the two youngest (I think) so maybe they have more in common with each other.

    I was hoping the guys would do better than they did... unfortunately, they didn't... Chad seems a little too laid-back and relaxed, and reserved. But I think he has one of the best "looks" out of the guys.

    I also don't like the catty comments between the Dannys and Sandys. But I guess since they know what they say will be aired, that they don't really care.

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    Austin's attempt at being funny during his song fell flat, I thought. It was so forced and over-the-top cheesy. He did not sound good singing tonight, either. His dancing was great, as always.

    I gave Derek the benefit of the doubt with his voice cracking before, but he did it again tonight. That and he was sounding very nasally. He's got the looks and physique, but his voice isn't good enough to make it through a show.

    Chad was off with his singing most of his song, too. In fact with the opening group number, he was way off. Sounded horrible. What's up tonight? He has this habit of lowering his head when he's singing, and it makes him look not confident in what he is doing. I found it really distracting tonight. David thinks his pretty face will sell tickets, though. I'll be surprised if he isn't in the bottom two next week.

    Max. I've liked him from the start, even though he is kind of wimpy-looking. I thought he was head and shoulders above the rest of the guys tonight. We got to see macho Danny tonight. He's still my pick for Danny, and the judges all agreed tonight.

    Interesting that David wanted to keep Kathleen around--not Allie. Jim and Kathleen Marshall wanted otherwise, though, and they won out. Allie is not a good actor. Seeing Kathleen and her singing side-by-side really bore that out, but you can't very well keep someone who has been in the bottom three times. Kathleen just looks too old for the role, but I thought her performance in the sing-off was the best she has sounded the entire show.

    I am determined to finish this show out to its end, so these performer had better kick it up a notch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShrinkingViolet;2265646;
    I am determined to finish this show out to its end, so these performer had better kick it up a notch.
    I'll bet you have a hard time putting down a lousy book, too, thinking you have to finish it no matter what? Me too. I always think it'll get better, it's got to get better...

    I haven't watched yet tonight, but look forward to seeing the dismal performances. I wonder if the snarky comments amongst the contestants are prompted by the bigwigs in yet another attempt to create drama. I hate quoting myself but I posted this in an older thread so I'm not sure if any of you saw it. After watching the videos mentioned below, it looks like they have a great time together.
    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid;2261330;
    Hey Grease fans, some of you may already know about this, but last night I discovered some behind-the-scenes videos of our beloved contestants on YouTube. I'm not sure who filmed the Greasers, but they're entertaining and allow for a much better grasp of their personalities, and how they 'play' during their off time. Just look for Grease contestants.
    Love The Bachelor? Catch the recap for this season's sacrificial lamb lucky guy here in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.

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    About Chad and Allie ... I wonder if they are pairing them up for publicity as they would pair them to play Danny and Sandy. Chad and Allie; Max and Laura and Austin and Ashley would make some sense to me ... but in the duet Max was with Ashley and it didn't seem like a fit to me.

    About tonight's show I pretty much agree with every one's assessment.

    Austin's vocals were thin and awful and if his challenge was to be funny ... well he didn't make me laugh either. One of the guys ... I forget who ... said Austin was too much of a showgirl ! Um ... I agree and that made me laugh. Showgirl Danny ! Austin does have gorgeous eyes.

    Derek's voice sounded pretty good tonight except for that crack which worries me too. So Derek didn't meet his vocal challenge. It was interesting that that coach told him he was making funny faces. That's what I said. He was mugging horribly before but I noticed tonight ... not so much of that.

    Max was absolutely terrific. His challenge was to be macho and I think he succeeded admirably. It was a really good performance and he truly does have a lot of talent.

    Chad ... I want him to succeed and he is such a cutie. But his challenge tonight was to play it big and to the back of the house and I don't think he did. His vocal was just OK, not much swagger, and if that was his best at projecting his voice and his "acting" it didn't fly. Also, appearance wise tonight, didn't Chad look very thin compared to the other guys ? Maybe he lost some weight with that flu ?

    I agree that Chad and Derek may be the bottom 2, but I think it should be Derek and Austin.

    By the way, I'm here until the bitter end too guys.
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    I totally forgot about this show last night. I have to record it since Amazing Race has started back up. I like Grease, but it's no Amazing Race!

    Anyway, who did the sing off between the guys last night, and who got kicked off? I see that it was Kathleen and Ally with Kathleen leaving from your posts above.

    I am glad that Kathleen finally went -- it was definitely time. I don't really care for Ally either. I'm not actually sure who I would like to see win this!

    I'll have to try to remember to record it next week.


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    Bye bye Kathleen! (at last!)
    I'm not a big Chad fan, so I'm hoping to see him in the bottom 2.
    I think that any of the girls could do a good job with the role, but I'm still not sure who will would be the best Danny.

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    I think the final choices may come down to couple pairings. I think Laura compliments Austin very well, she has a look that doesn't compete with his look. Max is a better match with Ashley to me, and Allie is too over the top "sex kitten" to be up with Max on stage. You can't have a border-line masculine Danny with a way sexy Sandy. Derek would work well with Allie though. Chad could probably do well with any of them. It will be a close call with the guys next week.

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