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Thread: 2/18 show discussion **spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher;2247883;
    ... what looks good on TV may not translate to someone who performs well on stage !
    That is an excellent point. The judges are probably walking to the center, sides and back of the theater and observing rehearsals from those perspectives. This is much different than watching television close-ups.
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    The judges have continually made comments regarding a contestants "charisma", which is something that is difficult for the home viewing audience to feel the same way the Broadway audience feels it. It is a component that keeps many famous movie and tv stars from taking the stage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar;2247922;
    I'm immensly relieved to hear that the judges have the final call. There's too much invested in the show (Grease itself, that is) to let America choose their favorite, IMO.
    The host mentioned that beginning with the semi-finals it's out of the judges hands and the voting audience decides everything.
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    They probably feel confident that anyone in the the semi finals will work having been able to have some control up to that point.

    Now what constitues the semi final? 3 or 4 of each remaining? I am going to guess the audience takes control when we have 3 of each left.

    Allie, Ashley, Laura. Derek, Austin, Chad. I believe they would be happy with anyone there.

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