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Thread: 2/11 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2247538;
    The female host (who the heck is she, anyways.. i've never heard?)...
    Broadway, I'd never heard about her either, so I checked her out online. She's a model/actress from London who is pretty famous there. She played Roxie here in the States on Broadway in 2001, and...

    ...in 2003 returned to the London stage in Andrew Lloyd Webber's one-woman show Tell Me On A Sunday at the Gielgud Theatre, which was specially rewritten for her. She was a huge success and the show ran for nearly a year before embarking on a 10-month UK tour in 2004.
    Denise van Outen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    im going to go post this in all the threads:
    what this show needs is Simon... he could walk in and simply say "you suck" and it would be true... and we could have a real battle between the few people who can actually sing and are believable as the characters.
    I mean seriously, religious sandy and kate... they are nothing like sandy, they are kind of scary and overwhelming, honestly.

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