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Thread: 1/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Which one's Travis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poison;2219203;
    So my favs of the night are

    Derek, Kate (kick it up a notch next week), Max, Chad, Juliana & Ashley S.

    I think at least one of them will make it to broadway!

    Matt & Ashley A should go home next week

    I am with you Poison. They were terrible------------Matt & Ashley A.

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    This show was way, way too long with boring filler.

    We could have done without the Sandy Secrets from ONJ ... who for a 58 year old breast cancer survivor doesn't look all that bad. I was less concerned about the pulled back skin than I was about her skin color which looked odd to me. Hope she's OK.

    I also could have lived without the bring-backs. I think these 2 were way too nervous and more nervous than poor performers. I missed the back stories on these two, ( phone call ) but I would have been happy to hear that they and some of the other academy rejects, were being given an opportunity to audition for some minor roles and/or ensemble parts. Since they mentioned that they are in auditions now for the rest of the cast, they could even have given us a few shots of those auditions.

    They also could have shown photos or action shots of all of the previous Danny's and Sandy's.

    I didn't like the double "face-offs" at all.

    Here's how they rank in my opinion ... so far, as I await the dancing and acting evidence that they are qualified.

    In my order of preference:


    - Derik and Chad --- tie ... Both are talented, gorgeous and well-suited. (Derik looks a little like John Stamos.)
    - Max --- they did something with his hair to make it look less obvious, but he has an elfish look because of his ears ... but great voice and stage presence.
    - Kevin --- Handsome and good voice, but a little bland.
    - Austin --- he comes off like a caricature.
    - Jason --- looks more like he belongs on a musical version of The Sopranos
    - Matt --- Awwwwww. Too bad.


    - Kate --- what a voice ! And in my opinion has the look of Sandy.
    - Juliana --- Close behind Kate. I like her a lot.
    - Allie --- She has more going for her than was conveyed in this song.
    - Ashley S. --- She too seems a little entitled and like a caricature.
    - Laura --- Very sweet, good voice, but came off a tad bland.
    - Kathleen --- Voice ok, good sense of humor ... but all else odd, very odd.
    - Ashley A. --- Awwwwww. So Sad.
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    Oops - I forgot it was on at 7:00. I came in at Chad, who I guess is my favorite at this point. I wasn't impressed with the girls I saw.

    I keep waiting for this to get good, and it just doesn't. I wonder how that bodes for the show production.
    Token Christian.

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    Well, I watched this show for the first time tonight, and the thing that really bothered me was the song selections that were (assumedly) chosen for the contestants. Since this is a show auditioning leads for a Broadway musical, perhaps they should focus on either Broadway-esque tunes or '50s rock/pop songs, since it's "Grease"? It's certainly not fair to the singers, because, as that showing of "I Love Rock & Roll" proved, Broadway does not equal rock. They focus on entirely different aspects of performance, both vocally and overall. Besides, suddenly hearing "The First Cut is the Deepest" resulted in a monstrous double-take.

    All that said, I quite liked Max Crumm's performance for the "Dannys" and Laura for the "Sandys." They seemed to pull it all together and appeared genuine. I was quite sure that Austin was that radiation-suit Chippendale from "Mr. Mom." The dude who did "Walking in Memphis" probably shouldn't have been smiling the whole time during what I understand to be a "sad song." I've never understood how singers can be so apparently oblivious to what they're singing.

    And, Billy Bush? I bet he gets his adjectives for the contestants via STRATEGERY. Eh? Eh?

    ETA: I'm normally opposed to capital punishment, but for people who ruin Roy Orbison songs. . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret;2219201;
    Wow, Andrew Lloyd Weber? I'm actually surprised that he'd 'stoop' to the level of appearing as a judge on this show. Maybe that's just my impression...
    ALW was the "mastermind" behind the BBC show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? last year, which was a TV talent competition to find the lead for a new London production of The Sound of Music. (Sound familiar?)

    David Ian, as co-producer of TSOM, was also one of the judges on HDYSAPLM.

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    How are contestants eliminated again? We vote, right?

    (didn't watch tonight's episode, so yeah)

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    Olivia- She looked terrible just no two ways about it. Oddly, the surgeon left some softness in her jaw which did not fit with her overly done eyes and taught face. She had a nose job as well. Her skin was shiny and did not look right. Lighting? Make-up? Her brow lift left her eye brows in an odd position and shape. She is not old enough to fit into the catagory of too many lifts so I have to blame her surgeon. Look at Helen Miren. Beautiful but certainly has work done on her face and a great job. Just enough to ease some years.

    Guest judges are a waste of time unless they are going to actually give an opinion.

    Allie- She was my favorite. At first I didn't think her stage presence was good until I saw all of the women sing. Whoever is choreographing this show fell short with the women. Her look and vibe is Sandy.

    Ashley S- They are pushing for her now but that will change. Her voice is not as strong and I think she will fall short in other areas.

    Derek- He has what it takes to be Danny. His look is right on the money, great on stage and good voice. His looks will carry him over some good performers who do not look the part.

    Austin- I loved this guy but can he pull off the look?

    They were all good with the exception of Ashley and Matt who they brought back.

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    It's funny how the live show can change your opinions on people. Up to this point, the editing made Austin and Ashley look like could not be touched. But, if you judge by last nights songs, they would both be second or third in thier groups.

    Even though she doesn't have the strongest voice, as a complete package (acting, dancing and "the look") I don't see how Ashley can be topped. Her face just beams on stage. Maybe my mind can be changed over the next few weeks, we'll see.

    Juliana was my second pick pre-show, but she kind of reminds me too much of a pageant girl. Something fake and put on about her demeanor and singing.

    You almost wonder if they didn't bring back those two as "sacrificial lambs". That way it would allow all of thier contestents two shots at singing before they would get eliminated. It would have been a shame for someone like Christian Sandy or BoyBand Danny getting eliminated right away without getting a second chance.


    Overall, I'm pretty happy with the show. It's a nice Idol alternative on a night where TV is dead to me. 4 judges seems like too much, especially when they don't have much to say (If Olivia is going to say nothing constructive, why have her there at all?).

    As others have mentioned, hopefully this just isn't a singing competition. I would like to see a little bit of dancing and acting involved. Pair up one danny and sandy and let them do part of a scene.

    The other drawback to this show, is that a good performer on Broadway doesn't necessarily translate well on TV. You need to be overexaggerated in your moves and your mannerisms. So what looks great from 23rd row, could come across as goofy on a TV close up.
    Oh well ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane;2219291;
    Which one's Travis?
    I meant Jason, not Travis!!

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