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Thread: Chad Doreck

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    Chad Doreck

    Nickname: "Ambitious Danny"
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Soccer Coach
    Hometown: Long Beach, CA
    Audition City: Los Angeles, CA

    Vocal: 10 years.
    Dance: 15 years of jazz.
    Acting: 20 years. Went to Orange County High School of Performing Arts.

    FUN FACTS: He is a Scorpio. The voice of "Crackle" in Rice Krispies ads!

    Chad's first job (at the age of 6) was opposite dream girl Kelly LeBrock and Danny Elfman's Oingo-Boingo for the music video of the title track of the movie Weird Science (1985). He was also in the audience when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. Chad realized at an early age that he wanted to become famous; after singing the lead in a church solo; he skipped a verse but the congregation continued to follow his lead...he enjoyed the sense of power.
    A proud Southern California native, Chad began his career early with the help of producer aunt, Patricia Friedman. Son of Kentucky born contractor Stephan Doreck and Chicago born homemaker Catherine Doreck, Chad's has a brother and sister. He graduated from the prestigious Orange County High School of the Arts, where he majored in Musical Theatre and briefly attended USC. He studies acting at The Gloria Gifford Conservatory for the Arts and singing with Evelyn Halus. Aside from pursuing a career in acting, Chad is also working on a career as a singer, having written, produced and sung on his first funk music CD in 2005. Chad has modelled for Sketchers, Italian Vogue and Nordstrom. He also has a successful career as a voice over artist for Crackle: Kellogg's Rice Krispies, the voice of Mazda and E! Entertainment's countdown voice.

    Chad exudes a quiet confidence; he gets along with every member of the final six Danny potentials, but definitely has an opinion of each. He also has had some success in his various ventures, so he definitely has an appreciation of and expectation of having the finer things in life…the latest gadget, expensive hair products and good chocolate. He has little patience for the ridiculous. The other potential Danny's all name him as one of their toughest competitors.

    Of his experience with the show Grease, thus far, he has said, "It has been inspiring, engaging, competitive, educational and fun…"

    What genre of movies do you enjoy? Adventure (Indiana Jones), film noir, low-brow comedies
    Favorite TV show: Deadwood
    Favorite Actor: Cary Grant
    Favorite Actress: Ava Gardner
    Favorite Singer: Chaka Khan and Prince
    Favorite Group: Jackson 5
    Favorite Foods: Ribs, sushi, pomegranates, chocolate
    Favorite Musical: West Side Story
    Favorite Color: Orange

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    He's the voice of Crackle, E!, and Mazda!? That's pretty cool.

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    He's okay and cute, but a little small. I don't remember him very well.

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    mmmmm, pomegranates!

    I liked him. He's my favorite Danny.
    Token Christian.

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    hes good
    from the first episode he stuck out and in a good way
    im gonna vote for him for sure

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    Yeah, he's definitely been my fav from the beginning. He's the "edgiest" out of all the guys. And very likeable.

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    He's my favorite of all the guys. Love the look, the voice, the personality
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    He had been one of my top picks before Sunday. I was disappointed in his performance and hope he comes out next time to knock us dead! He seems so likeable and certainly is cute. He has a good Danny look too. I'm not ready to give up on him yet!

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    He is why I watch the show. He is sooo cute.I wish that he was my brother.I voted forever last night to get through.He has the best voice out of all of the "Dannys".I really wnt Chad to win!!!

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    I really like Chad and hope he make it far.

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