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Thread: Laura Osnes

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    Laura Osnes

    Nickame: "Small-town Sandy"
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Actress played "Sandy" in Minnesota
    Hometown: Eagan, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis)
    Audition City: Los Angeles

    Vocal: 7 years
    Dance: 14 years oftap, jazz, lyrical and ballet

    FUN FACTS: She is a Scorpio. Played Sandy in "Grease" in Minnesota.

    Laura has grown up and lived in Minnesota her whole life. Auditioning for this show was a big step for her even though her family has always encouraged her to go to New York City. She was already playing Sandy in Minneapolis, but saw this as an opportunity to reach her dream of performing on a Broadway stage. She is giving up a lot to do our show: she had to give up the role of Sandy and as she's newly engaged she'll be leaving her fiancée behind as well.
    Laura still lives at home and says she is very family-oriented. All she has ever done is perform and she says it's her passion; she even makes scrapbooks for all of her shows. She says she has always wanted to be a Broadway star for as long as she can remember. Her first show was in the 2nd grade when she was a munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz."

    Laura is very innocent and sweet; when asked if she had ever pulled a prank on someone before she said she always feels bad for the person being pranked and could never do that to anyone. She loves photography, star-gazing and playing the piano and says she can't stand open-mouthed eaters or slow walkers/drivers.

    Laura's Grease experience so far has been full of surprises. She did not expect to make it this far, but is extremely grateful for the opportunity. When thinking of the possibility of winning this competition, Laura got teary-eyed and said, "This show has presented an opportunity for me to get so closer to that dream than I could ever imagine. Just to be able to say 'Yes, I was Sandy in Grease when I was only 21.' How exciting!"

    What genre of movies do you enjoy? Lately I'm all about movie musicals - Moulin Rouge, Chicago and The Producers. I love romantic comedies (like chick flicks). Occasionally, I like action films as well.
    Favorite TV show(s): I love game shows - especially "The Price is Right" and I also like "24."
    Favorite Actor(s): Johnny Depp, Richard Gere, Orlando Bloom.
    Favorite Actress(es): Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon.
    Favorite Singer(s): Linda Eder, Kelly Clarkson, Keri Noble, Damien Rice, Ben Folds, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Ben Harper, Jane Monheit, and old-school Billy Gillman!!
    Favorite Group(s): Switchfoot and Coldplay.
    Favorite Food(s): Pickles - loves them, chocolate peanut butter anything, ice cream.
    Favorite Musical(s): Wicked, Thoroughly Modern Millie and The Last Five Years.
    Favorite Color: Blue

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    so cute, hadn't seen her until last night, but what a great voice... could go pretty far
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    She's another one I liked.
    Again, though I don't really remember her too much, so I look forward to seeing her more.

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    If she is the same one that I am thinking of, then she has a VERY VERY sweet quality that is essential to the character and that I haven't seen in the others. As it stands, she is my choice.

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    Vocals are too weak, sweet don't think she'll be the next Sandy.

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    Laura has stood out to me since the beginning. After show #5 when all the judges commented on her performance, maybe others will take notice.
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    She was phenominal IMO last night. If she keeps up this talent she could definitely be the next Sandy. I think she has the right looks for Sandy as well, young, petite, cute, innocent--just add a blonde wig and she's all set!

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    I called this one!! I knew my girl would shine!

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    I live in Mpls. Laura is from Eden Prairie. Princess P from last season's American Idol is from Edina.

    Both are suburbs of Mpls - Edina is first ring and Eden Prairie is second. Both have generous populations of very wealthy people.

    Laura played Sandy at our infamous dinner theater - the Chanhassen (also in a tier 2, well-off suburb).

    For my company's holiday get-together, we saw Grease at the Chanhassen. I'm having a total brain cramp trying to recall if Laura played Sandy the night we went. I can't seem to remember. It wasn't a memorable show for me, but maybe it was because I had seen my son's high school drama club production of it a week earlier (my son was in the "pit")!

    Anyway, it was a cute show, but nothing memorable (obviously!). I do remember that there were only a handful of really strong singers and I thought that the girl who played Sandy at the high school was a better vocalist than whoever it was at the Chanhassen (for my taste anyway).

    I thought Laura did a great job last night, so I don't think it was her that I saw but I could be very, very wrong.

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    Laura's actually from Eagan, not Eden Prairie.

    We have a mutual friend.

    I think she'll go far!

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