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Thread: Laura Osnes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peaches'n cream;2276892;
    I think that Laura gave the best performance of the girls last night but I think Ashley is still in the competition.

    We need to see these actors paired up and performing together to begin to assess necessary chemistry. I hope next week we get to see all pairs of the remaining Sandys and Dannys singing duets together.
    We already saw the Final 6 performances, right ?
    So is next week the Finale with the last 4 ? Yikes !
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    Echo, what I gather from what little is out there, I *think* the final night is 04/01. It seems appropriate for the show to end on April Fools Day, doesn't it? If I find something more definite I'll post it.

    I love Laura's brilliant smile and think her talent will give her a good shot at the role. I hope we begin to see some real interaction between the guys and girls to help America choose two people who have some kind of chemistry between them.
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    After the final competition night, if Laura doesn't win this I don't know what happened. She is incredibly talented and beautiful. I would love to see her win this part. Plus, she has the sweetest fiance I have ever seen.

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    Way to go Laura!

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    I think Laura is just wonderful and voted for her since JCS.

    Last night though, I have to admit I really liked Ashley and Max in their "You're the One that I Want" performance early in the show. They had a nice vibe going on and I could see Jim Jacob's point about Ashley being the better post-transformation Sandy.

    It'll be fun to watch Laura and Max a few months down the road. I loved watching her watch Max after the Danny announcement was made. Great editing!

    And hey how about her fiance? Isn't he too cute/sweet for words?

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    I thought Laura was the best of the bunch from the beginning. Glad she won.

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