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Thread: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

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    7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    Wow, the contestants were all over the place this week! There were some really great performances and some really bad ones.

    It's not surprising that Mario finally went home. I admire people with healthy self-esteem, but he seems to be venturing into arrogance. He's a great singer a great actor.....so he says. I feel like confidence is great, but you let others (at least in this situation) tell you what your strengths are.

    At one point during the video shoot, when the judges were discussing Charlie's performance, I thought sure they would bring up his Aspbergers and they didn't!

    I loved Blake and Nellie together. It was so sweet and they both sounded terrific. Those two are my top two right now.
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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    I thought Blake and Nellie were great in their duet too ! That was the first chance I've had to really get a good listen to her voice - she's good! I think I'm with you....Blake and Nellie are definitely my top two - and I like Michael as well. Abraham is good too, even though this week wasn't his best. I was thinking maybe they'd have a girl win this season since last season 3 of the top 4 were boys, but then I realized with the exception of Nellie, I'm kinda liking the boys best To her credit, though I'm not crazy about what I've seen of her on the show, I thought Alyin did a very good job on the video.
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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    I was surprised at how poorly Abraham did. He is usually one of the top performers. I just love Nellie's voice and combined with Blake's, IMO, was a great duet. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite between, Nellie, Blake and Michael. I wish they were choosing more than one winner, I could see all three of them fitting into the cast of Glee. I was happy to see Michael have a good week since the theme was "Adaptability". Michael has the same over thinker personality as my son, who also struggles with going with the flow.

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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    Nellie is getting better and better . . . which is kinda the whole point of the show . . . personal growth.

    Not sure though what storyline they'd give her if she wins.

    Although I think he has a great voice, it was time for Mario to go. I am not a fan of arrogance, so they could send Charlie home next and I'd be happy.

    If I could custom-make the Top Three, it would be Nellie, Blake and Michael, with Abraham as an alternate.
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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    I was happy to see Mario go. He was rubbing me the wrong way. Aylin did a great job this week and I loved Nellie and Blake's duet. I agree that Nellie, Blake and Michael are my favorites. However...

    Click to see Spoiler:
    I read that Nellie goes home in a shocking elimination either next week or the following. They mentioned a breakdown involved. Based on the scenes for next week I am sad that it might be her week to go.

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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    bandora I really hope your spoiler is wrong - but probably not. I don't really have anything more to add because Critical has already stated all of my thoughts in her post, especially regarding Mario. So disappointing! He has an awesome voice but he's kind of an ass who can't take responsibility for his shortcomings, instead he blames everyone else. I wish him luck in life he needs an attitude adjustment if he wants to get anywhere in life
    *sigh* Charlie. His behaviours are textbook, it's breaking my heart that they are coming down so hard on him.
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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    GRRR. I'm so irritated that this episode hasn't been posted online yet. Usually, they're on Hulu (or Hulu Plus, at least) the next day.
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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    Nellie has a gorgeous voice. It's rich and unusual and I love to hear her sing.

    If they are going to keep giving Charlie grief about his unusual choices, they need to acknowledge that he's got very bad ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. I am not saying they should tolerate bad behavior, but they should tell him when he's behaving incorrectly and offer him the opportunity to alter his choices. What they are doing to him would be like casting Mario, taking away his cane and then getting angry with him for bumping into walls.
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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    I wonder if putting 6 in front of Ryan was to allow him to meet the rest of the kids....Just running the cast list through my head and I THINK that everybody has been in the bottom so far. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Ali amazes me because she looks like two different people. Some times close to the age she would be on GLEE and other times, really, really old and haggard.

    I sw in the Boston paper that Ryan married his partner on July 4 on the beach in P'town. Best wishes to him

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    Re: 7/3 Show Discussion Thread - "Adaptability"

    I realize I am in the minority, but I really hated to see Mario go. I really thought he was super talented and I suspect his leaving was due more to it being too difficult to fit him into the cast of Glee than his acting ability.

    I'm still impressed with Charlie. I hope he stays around for the finals.

    I also still like Lily and Ali. They both are amusing and interesting to watch IMO. I like their voices too.

    I have never been very impressed with Abraham for some reason. He just doesn't create any interest on screen. Neither does Michael. Blake is easy on the eye, but nothing screams special to me like it does for Ryan with this young man.

    Alyin annoys me and I really don't enjoy her at all. She's the first to really turn me off. I guess it's impossible for her to go anytime soon. I'm not a fan of Shanna either. I think her voice is great, but when she's on camera, it's just okay to me. Nellie is fine, but doesn't interest me on screen. I think her voice is very unique and I'd like to hear more. I wish she would get more assertive. I hope she does. I think she could really be a dark horse in the competition.

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