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Thread: 6/12 Show Discussion Thread - "Dance-ability"

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    Re: 6/12 Show Discussion Thread - "Dance-ability"

    The funny (and annoying!) thing about my childhood friend is that she was skinny as a rail because she was on the swim team. That girl could hoover up a bowl of M&M's in no time flat. You know you're hopped up and hyper on sugar when 13 year old girls at a slumber party are telling you to settle down!

    ibot2much - I'm surprised at how much I'm starting to NOT like Lily too. Who the heck talks back to a h.s. teacher, much less a mentor/judge on the reality show you want to win!?

    I'm finding Mario less appealing too.

    Right now, my favorites are Nellie, Blake, Michael and Charlie.
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    Re: 6/12 Show Discussion Thread - "Dance-ability"

    Not sure that I have a favorite yet, but I know it's not Lily, Aylin or Tyler.

    I found Dani's look to be a gimmick. Just because you resemble someone famous doesn't mean you have to go all out to make yourself look like them 24-7.

    I don't have a problem with Mario. If anything, I agree with him that it was cliche' to give the girl in the wheelchair the part of the song with 'round and round' in it.

    Blake reminds me of a young Carl Edwards (a NASCAR driver in case the name isn't familiar) and Michael looks like a kid I went to school with eons ago. Charlie has a striking physical resemblance to Beiste - that would make for an interesting storyline!
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    Re: 6/12 Show Discussion Thread - "Dance-ability"

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff View Post
    I don't watch AGT, so I don't know the history. But to me, it's a shame Dani couldn't dance, because she's 3x more talented a singer/interpreter than the other two who were in jeopardy. I could have totally seen her character in Glee, even if Ryan Murphy was stumped. I hope she succeeds however she tries to break into the spotlight next.
    I agree with you. She was actually my favorite on AGT & I hope someone signs her up as I love her originals that I have heard. I just think that I have gone to too many tapings of reality tv shows & that makes me VERY cynical to anything related to production, casting & show set up. Still love to watch it though.
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    Re: 6/12 Show Discussion Thread - "Dance-ability"

    I wasn't surprised to see Dani go. The girl can sing, and I imagine she is a good writer as well, but she just could not act her way out of a paper bag. I agree with ya'll, both Lily and Mario are getting on my nerves. Hopefully one of them will be gone next week, unless they check their bad attitudes at the door.
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    Re: 6/12 Show Discussion Thread - "Dance-ability"

    I would have wanted Dani to stay even though she's more of a singer/songwriter than a broadway actor. Tyler is grating on my nerves. He's been bottom twice already and his voice is so tinny and nasal, can't stand it. He could not even dance. He's not ready and should have waited for next year when his voice is a little more developed into a real boy.
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