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I just finished watching. loved it. Ali, Lily, Abraham, Nellie and Charlie are early faves for me. I really enjoyed the Edge of Glory video too.
Crit, I know you like Dani but she annoys me - can't put my finger on why?! Probably because my daughter's walls are plastered with posters of Justin Beiber - residual loathing LOL
I think that would put anyone off a bit! I was prepared to not like her, but there's something sort of sweet and vulnerable about her. I think it was mentioned in the article I posted in Dani's thread that, once you listen to her sing and see who she really is, the Bieber resemblance sort of goes away.

I like so many of them at this point. I'm sure favorites will emerge, but I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch this time. I will say that since this isn't exactly a "best of" competition in the traditional sense, I think we'll all likely be disappointed with some eliminations. I think some are better singers than others, but that's not what it's all about. After all. Corey Monteith is far from the best singer on Glee, but he's still special.

I wonder if Ryan Murphy will be more involved this season. He did come to the final casting, which Robert said they hadn't expected. Last season RM commented that, had he seen more of Marissa in the actual competition rather than just the "sing for your life" elimination performance, he would have kept her.

Speaking of Marissa, I felt bad for her sister when, after she auditioned for the judges, one of them said something about her being VERY different from Marissa......and they obviously didn't mean it in a good way.