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I'm thinking that this part will be for Samuel:

THR: The winner will play into Sue Sylvester's (Jane Lynch) season-long arc, what more can you share?
Murphy: She hates the winner. She’s going to be running for Congress and this person becomes one of the things that she’s running against. She makes it very personal. The winner of The Glee Project becomes a student at McKinley High who she hates upon first sight and tries to destroy who becomes a part of her congressional campaign.

'Glee's' Ryan Murphy on Chord Overstreet Return, Season 3 Spoilers; 'The Glee Projects's' Future (Q&A) - Hollywood Reporter
Unless she's running on a platform that's against immigration and Damien's an exchange student. I could see that playing out as well - everyone circles the wagons against Sue to protect him.