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A quick aside. My wife and I saw a late morning showing of the Glee 3D movie yesterday. We were two of a throng of three in the theater. There was a tight closeup of Damian in the audience but I didn't see any of the others, although my wife thinks that she saw Hannah very early in the film. We wondered if this was a tell of some kind. The movie was OK but it looked and sounded, to me, like there was a lot of lip syncing going on or the editors layed prerecorded tracks over the live singing. People who saw the shows live swear that on most of the numbers, the cast was singing live on mic.
I would love if this meant something! I still don't find Lindsey "believable" and as much as I like Alex, he's too one-dimensional (though the thought of him being Mercedes' little brother sounded interesting) and Samuel, blech, his sudden take on religion is turning me off as much as Cameron's worry about kissing another girl did. Damien's the only one who's really stayed true to who he is - he hasn't made excuses; instead, he's tried harder.

I found it interesting that Ryan told the writer Damien's been in the bottom the most yet he (RM) roots for him because, early on, I was convinced that was going to be Cameron's story of how he got to be on the show. I'd love it if it turned out to be Damien's story instead!