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Thread: 7/24 Show Discussion Thread - "Tenacity"

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    Re: 7/24 Show Discussion Thread - "Tenacity"

    It was so obvious that Karofsky or whatever his name is, picked Marissa to win the homework challenge based on the fact that he wanted to get in her pants! Ironically, it backfired and got her eliminated. Goes to show how much that guy knows anything about acting. It was the first time that a homework assignment challenge winner got eliminated. Samuel should have been the winner of that challenge. He obviously put his heart out there plus he initiated it which caused the others to follow suit.

    That being said, Marissa should not have been eliminated. For some reason, these gay judges have the hots for Cameron and they do not want him to go home. I thought he was going home for sure this time. Wasn't surprised when he was saved the last couple of times but this last one was a big surprise. He's just not very good in acting (and dancing for that matter). Alex is a great singer but he's a stereotypical gay guy which the show already has plus he doesn't work as hard whenever they practice. Maybe they should audition for American Idol, The Voice, or The X-factor. I think they will have a much better chance.
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    Re: 7/24 Show Discussion Thread - "Tenacity"

    Ummm, I tend to doubt the judge's sexuality has anything to do with who they do or don't keep But if it did, well Samuel is the one who should be a lock, he's positively yummy!
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    Re: 7/24 Show Discussion Thread - "Tenacity"

    "Puck" and "Lauren" are the two GLEE people appearing on tonight's show. That was the worst story line I have ever seen on any show. It totally did not make sense. There was nothing about Lauren that would attract Puck, never mind keep him hanging around. The character was unattractive both inside and outside so there really wasn't much real about their relationship.

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