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Thread: Matheus - Contender

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    Matheus - Contender

    Age: 20
    Hometown: Atlanta, GA
    Originally from Brazil, Matheus moved to the United States eight years ago to consult American doctors about his 4'9" height. Their conclusion: he is "just short." Despite not knowing any English, he enrolled in school three days after moving to the States and through the help of his trusty dictionary, mastered the language within months. Music has always been his best companion - helping him get through life's difficult challenges. Finally overcoming his insecurities, Matheus decided to audition for "The Glee Project" at the Dallas/Fort Worth open casting call. He proudly proves that being different is never a bad thing.

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    Re: Matheus - Contender

    Another favorite. This kid's got heart.
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    Re: Matheus - Contender

    Now I can see him being a part of the Glee cast. Too cute.

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    Re: Matheus - Contender

    Cute, and a great performer, but what's his story line?

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    Re: Matheus - Contender

    Hmmm...maybe this is a more appropriate thread for this post:

    I'm not sure if I should spoiler this or not as it has to do with an interview posted in the "Glee" thread about the character that whoever wins will be playing. It didn't say anything about who wins, but just in case....
    Click to see Spoiler:
    In the interview, Ryan says that the winner will be playing Sue's new "arch nemesis." That being said, I think Matteus would be pretty perfect. I can completely see him as a foil for Sue....a short, cocky, sarcastic student...sort of a younger, shorter, "maler" version of Sue herself.....I think it would pretty hysterical in fact
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