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Thread: Hannah - Contender

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    Hannah - Contender

    Age: 20
    Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Hannah has been performing in amateur shows for six years. Even though she sometimes feels self-conscious about her weight, she uses her sense of humor and exuberance to overcome any negative feelings she has about her appearance. Besides her talent for singing, Hannah can also rap (under the alias Rouge), which illustrates her sincere quirkiness and positive attitude. Hannah originally auditioned for "The Glee Project" at the Dallas/Fort Worth open casting call.

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    Re: Hannah - Contender

    she needs to find some confidence fast, I think it would go a long way to improving her voice which seemed just average
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    Re: Hannah - Contender

    I haven't been able to watch the episode yet (hate that it isn't online until Thursdays), but I saw the video, and Hannah looked both beautify and sexy. I hope she could see that!
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    Re: Hannah - Contender

    Hannah is doing great. I just read that she is North Carolina, which is my home state. I had no idea until this morning. I have been rooting for her since the beginning too! It's funny, because there is a girl who goes to my parent's church who looks just like Hannah, but I know it's not her.

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