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Thread: Ashley - Season 1

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    Ashley - Season 1

    Season 1 Contestant

    Age: 30
    Hometown: New Orleans, LA
    Occupation: Paralegal
    Special Talent: Singing
    Number of Facebook Friends: ~2300
    Motto: Even among the brightest stars, there's always one that outshines them all... BE THE SUN!!

    The baby of 12, I learned early in life to talk a little louder and stand a little taller to be seen and heard. Iím the BIGGEST small person youíll ever see! I'm as spicy as the cuisine my hometown is known for. In a world that is filled with pretentious people, I'm a straight shooter. My flavorful personality combined with my "don't take no stuff" attitude should pique your interest to keep me in the house until the end. I am a New Orleans native that is proud of my Creole heritage, I love the Saints (Who Dat!) and will rep LSU (Geaux Tigers!) until the day I die.

    Being from the "Big Easy," I know that life isn't always simple and learned this lesson the greatest when I had to flee my birthplace in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This adversity highlighted how strong-willed and resilient I am, as I quickly adapted to Houston, TX - the place I now call home. Don't let the sweet face fool you, I do have a brain. I'm a paralegal for a respected firm in Houston. When I'm not at work, spending time with family and friends, or out being the life of the party, you can find me writing, singing and recording music. My motivators include: God's love because it is everlasting, my family's support because it pushes me harder, and my personal desire to succeed in life. I possess a competitive spirit and I love to win. I believe everyone has the ability to shine, but I feel I will stand out. More importantly, I don't need to dim anyone else's light to in order to outshine others.

    Watch Ashley's videos - ABC.com

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    Re: Ashley - Season 1

    I'm not sure about her. I liked some of her bio but am a little put-off by her confidence. I am looking forward to see what she's really like.

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    Re: Ashley - Season 1

    this one here looks like a mix of Rosie Perez and that chick Elise (w/ the bad attitude) from Hell's Kitchen last season

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