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Thread: How many more "little people" shows are they gonna make?

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    How many more "little people" shows are they gonna make?

    First we watched the Rolloff's implode. Then we see Bill and Jen bring their kids home and watch Jen battle cancer. We've got the little women of LA fighting amongst each other, that other family with 4 or 5 little kids and now this new one called the little family. Don't get me wrong, I think they're fascinating and try to watch them all, but how many shows do you need?

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    Re: How many more "little people" shows are they gonna make?

    Wait until they start doing other splinter groups. "Meet the Giants", a reality show about a family with gigantism and their struggle to get along in a world build too small for them. How about a dating show for amputees, "An Arm and a Leg Short for Love"? I can see lots of gimmicky reality shows coming down the pike.
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    Re: How many more "little people" shows are they gonna make?

    I'm really into Little Women LA,Terras Family and Little Women NY,even though they might be little people they have big personalities and bicker like anyone else. Some even seem to have more of a complex about what average size people think of them.I don't watch the show because their little people,I watch it because they show their struggles and things they've overcome,like the rest of us.
    There are some of the gals I don't care for like Kristy(LA) and Dawn(NY),Kevin(NY).

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