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Thread: Rewatchable Shows

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    Rewatchable Shows

    If there were seasons of any reality show you could go back and watch over and over again and enjoy it all the time, which would it be?

    For me, Survivor, no question. I've seen Pearl Islands a bunch of times and always love it. Amazing Race too. I've seen the first a bunch of times. I love both shows and could rewatch them any time. Big Brother though, no. It's too long and I feel different about it.

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    Re: Rewatchable Shows

    This caught my eye and even though it's old, I thought i would post.

    I love watching repeats of competition shows. I can sit for a full day and watch almost any cycle of ANTM over and over, and I could do this every day if I didn't have anything else that needed doing, lol. My favorite top model cycle however is not an American one at all. I love Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 3, and I've watched the whole cycle more times than I can count. It can be a bit hard to find sometimes though, due to Youtube/Fox and its copyright issues. I don't know how many of you ever watch this version of Top Model, but this 3rd cycle produced a winner named Alice Burdeu (sp?), who actually went on to a very successful modeling career. She is a beautiful girl (subjective, i know) with long red/gold hair and pale skin and about 6'1". Very skinny...there was an uproar over her weight the whole time, but Alice was not anorexic or bulemic and she did eat, lol. I love to watch that cycle and I don't know why except that it soothes me or something. Also, she was my choice to win from the moment I saw her, and the girl I like or think should win very rarely does. As for America's Next Top Model, I think the cycle where Nicole Linkletter won is one of my favorites and I could watch that anytime and be happy. I think it was Cycle 5 or something.

    Another favorite show of mine is Project Runway, and the last month or two I have been watching a lot of old seasons I had never seen before. I do get frustrated with whatever the playback application is at the Lifetime site. It can be slow going. I just watched Australia Project Runway Cycle 1 in its entirety, and I really enjoyed the competitors and the fashions. I would watch that again, but am going to hunt down a place to watch some of the other American or Australian cycles I haven't seen.

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