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Thread: News About Past Reality Contestants

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    Re: News About Past Reality Contestants

    Former Bachelor contestant Sharleen Joynt (opera singer from Juan Pablo's season) is now engaged. Congratulations to her and her cute fiancé.

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    Re: News About Past Reality Contestants

    Dan the astronaut from "Survivor Panama" is on this season of Battlebots with Black Ice. We saw him win a rumble already, wonder how far he can go.
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    Re: News About Past Reality Contestants

    I've been noticing a commercial for CFP where a guy talks finances with people and then asks if they would be comfortable having him as their financial advisor, only to reveal that he's actually a DJ. Every time I see it, I think how much the guy reminds me of Azmyth, a former contestant on an old reality show Pirate Master, so I finally looked it up and, I'll be danged, it is him!


    I'm usually terribly with remembering names and faces but I couldn't forget Azmyth. When he became captain on the show, he adopted an English accent. It was so weird!

    That was a great show. There was always something to laugh about on every episode. It was so cheesy/corny, it was awesome!
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