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Thread: Worst Alliances

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    Worst Alliances

    We have a "Greatest Alliances", so why not go for the opposite as well?

    The Four Horsemen - Survivor: Fiji

    Mallrats - Survivor: Africa (although this is more like the most hated for me)

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    Re: Worst Alliances

    I didn't like T.O.P. from season 2 of BB.
    They came together out of necessity to get rid of Chill Town and it worked, right up until they started to turn on each other.
    It had to be a large alliance to counteract Chill Town's votes, but once Boogie and Shannon had been evicted the alliance cracked because their only reason to allign was to get rid of a common enemy. Once that was pretty much done the T.O.P. members realised they had nothing much in common, didn't like and trust each other and smaller alliances within the group were more dangerous than Will was on his own.
    I think of them as being one of the worst because they didn't get the job done fully and what was even worse, someone who started out as Public Enemy number one was voted the winner because of the actions of T.O.P. members.
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    Re: Worst Alliances

    There was a 4 horsemen in Survivor, too? Fiji is perhaps one of my least favorite seasons, so I guess it's not a surprise I'd blank on that. I remember the one from Big Brother, season 5, that consisted of Jase, Scott, Drew, and Cowboy Mike.

    My pick would be the Rotu 4 from Marquesas. Partly because they looked like they would end up taking the game, but got their stupid egos in the way and not one of them had a brain to think that describing the pecking order in a challenge might not be a smart idea when there was still enough people left to take them out. Second would be Alex/Heidi/Jenna/Rob C (before he backstabbed) in the Amazon.

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