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Thread: Amazon Shopping

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    Re: Amazon Shopping

    I've been sick this past week and tried out Amazon Fresh. Thank GOD for it! My local grocery stores offer delivery, but you have to schedule DAYS in advance and, in my experience, the produce was pretty lackluster. I ordered "sick food" and some other items that were mainly produce and, aside from the bright green bananas that never turned yellow (they did ripen, but the peels stayed green), I was pleased with the quality.

    I'll probably cancel after the 30 day trial, but I'm going to use the heck out of it until then!

    I also used the $10 off on my first Amazon Now order this morning. It's funny to me that you can find some things on one Prime service, but not on another. For instance, I love Fiber One brownie bars, but on Fresh, you have to buy them SIX boxes at a time (). On Now, you can buy one box. It's weird. Anyway, my Now order came this morning and I'm happy with the service. I do find it odd that they ask you to tip the driver, when that's not done with any other delivery service from Amazon. I wanted to order some items from Sprouts, but didn't want to shell out another tip for the driver. I wondered if they would have been delivered by the same driver, but I forgot to ask her this morning.

    I'd definitely use Now in the future and not just for food. I probably wouldn't do it for just one item because of the tipping aspect of it. It's not a deal if I'm shelling out an additional $5 to the driver every time. Since I got $10 off on my first order, I figure I still got $5 off.
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