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Thread: Car Repair Cost Question

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    Car Repair Cost Question

    So, in a perfect ending to a great week, my car gave up the ghost today and it looks like my serpentine belt needs to be replaced. Anyone have any ideas on how much I should be prepared to spend? I think mechanics sometimes see a female walk through the door and know they can gauge her price-wise and with me, they are probably right since I know little about car repair beyond how to change the oil.

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear about your car problems. I can't help you regarding cost of repair. One of my employees husband does all my repairs for a very nominal fee. There was a thread a few pages back that posted this. Forgot to see who the original poster was. "check out auto.consumerguide.com for a list of repair costs particular to your vehicle"
    Hope this helps
    It was origanally posted by shayla

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    Serpentine belt = $50-100, depending on make and model.

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