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Thread: How Do You Deal With Problem Co-Workers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by combatcutie
    I know my boss knows I do the majority of the work. He has told his mother, wife, family, and friends that if it wasn't for me his business would have closed. I know he appreciates the effort I put into my job. His friends who are agents (oh by the way I'm an insurance agent) have teased him about stealing me away from him so their business could grow like his did the first year I was here. All of his agent friends (and his regular friends) like me a ton and have told him that when she does answer the phone she is very rude to them. I've come to the conclusion that he would rather give me the work to do b/c he knows it will get done, which is fine. But when I'm busy doing something he gave me, she doesn't try to help out with the phones or taking care of the customers that walk in. Not to mention that she is getting paid to do personal stuff ALL the time. She never EVER puts it to the side.

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    Well, CC, if your boss really does realize that if it weren't for you his business would close, then he's got his head up his a** to let this continue. I think you said earlier you are seriously considering looking for another job...you should tell him so, and why. If he doesn't take care of this problem, he will lose you, and then he'll be left with this knitting woman and have to do all the work himself. It may be the kick in the pants he needs to take action... and if not, you've done everything you can do. Just be sure you're ready to look for other work before you threaten it... it's never good to give an ultimatum if you aren't prepared to back it up...good luck.
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