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Thread: Girl Talk

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    Re: Girl Talk

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks View Post
    I asked a while ago if anyone had any experience with or thoughts about breast thermograms instead of mammograms.
    My primary convinced it's not a valid diagnostic tool and said she was fine if I didn't get a mammogram every year.

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    Re: Girl Talk

    I've never heard about breast thermograms. I continue with the mammograms annually, as this is what my physician recommends.
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    Re: Girl Talk

    Quote Originally Posted by PGM35 View Post
    Thanks - yes it was irritating. and I started to be "mean" to him too - it was not a good mix.

    I'm really ok. I feel like Meg Ryan again from When Harry Met Sally. I'm Over Him, I'm really over him. LOL it was fun while it lasted though but yeah, better to get it over with and end it now. I didn't like hurting him and I still see him on FB.... I don't have the heart to unfriend him just yet and he's not been bothering me or anything and we now have mutual friends, a lot of my friends like him a lot... of course I wanted them to. LOL it's just not going to go anywhere realistically. I want a partner, not another manchild I have to take care of...and that's all he really is. I should have known that 4 relationships in 20 years (I had 3 major ones in 30 so I guess I have a slightly better track record but hey, no judging) - should have just not gotten involved....but he was a really good kisser and the sex was pretty good too. I had to get back in the game at some point and it was a great 7 weeks. LOL Glad this is the Girl Talk thread - not that the guys can't read this stuff.
    So as some of you know from Facebook - I was giving this guy another chance. Well it's really over now. More fighting Sun, Mon, Tues. he just doesn't know how to apologize or take ownership when he does something wrong or crappy or something obviously hurting my feelings. He always turned it around on me making it about how I was making him feel crappy for hurting me. Huh?! It's my fault?! Yeah right! I never knew anyone so good at manipulation-it was kinda scary! Anyway, things got ugly real fast in Tuesday where his sister was texting me and calling me names as well. Needless to say, that's not going to be anything I revisit at all. He's been texting an apology to me today but I finally got through with I'm Done and don't contact me again. Ugh / I'm taking a break from dating!

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    Re: Girl Talk

    I saw your Facebook posts and scratched my head or thought maybe it was someone new. Hope you can keep from sliding backward this time. Best of Luck!
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    Re: Girl Talk

    I've gotten some GREAT deals on Bago products - packing cubes, toiletry bag, backpack, tote bags - because of INSANE discounts I got on FB. For instance, I got a cool backpack (https://www.amazon.com/Lightweight-R...3791439&sr=1-2) that is normally around $17 for $8-ish. The coolest thing about this bag and their toe bags is that it folds into itself and zips closed. I stowed the backpack in my suitcase on our recent vacation and it took up hardly any space. I had an expensive travel purse I'd intended to use in Alaska and ended up using this backpack instead.
    This is the toiletry bag I got: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AXUWV6M...ing=UTF8&psc=1
    Again, it was around $8 or $9. It's nice because you can just hang it up and it doesn't take up space on a bathroom counter. On our cruise, I had it hanging on the bathroom door, out of the way.

    I bought two large duffel bags (worried that I'd buy so much on vacation that I'd need another bag on the way home! ) at a crazy discount too. The discounts were only on Amazon. I just bought my mom some packing cubes for around $10 from a coupon I got via email. I highly recommend them If you're into that kind of thing, sign up for their emails. I've gotten discount codes via email several times since signing up. I don't need anything else - although I'm on the lookout for another backpack coupon because now my mom wants one! - but maybe the deals will be so good that I won't be able to resist! Since I live in a teacup of a house, the fact that many of their products fold down into practically nothing is a real selling point.

    Anyway, here's the company's page on Amazon, if anyone's interested: https://www.amazon.com/s?me=A2RW2XDS3T72G
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