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Thread: For animal lovers

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    Well, my dog had surgery about a month ago on her knee...she tore a ligament and had to go under the knife to have it fixed. Poor thing has been a very brave soldier, but she's healing so well that now she's up to no good again We're not quite well enough to go back to the dogpark yet, but in due time she'll "run like the wind" again (according to my vet.... )

    Anyways, I've got some fresh pictures with battlescars and everything so I figured I'd post a couple of her.

    Taken as she came back from the hospital, she was a big ole lump of drugged up dog that time and none of us had any sleep for 4 nights.

    This is the "what did you guys do to me" look .... although now her leg is getting better & I think she understands why we had to do what we did.

    "Smile for the camera" .... (This is her "Elvis lip" .... )

    Anyhow.... It was indeed a vet bill I could've lived without but hey, what can you do ... This is family

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    Awww, very cute pictures, everyone! Tigra, your poor dog looks so sad wearing the "lampshade." I hope he heals up nicely!!

    Here's a new one from me . . . my Missy in the most of comfort:


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    Awwww Tigra.. your baby looks so precious. Glad she is getting better and I love the pic with her Elvis lip. Mantenna your "Missy" looks so comfortable. I was thinking shes saying.. leave me alone with that stupid camera in my face, dont you see I am sleeping

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    Cute pictures everybody.

    Tigra -- LOVE the pink bandage.

    Boy Manny, Missy's getting big! Isn't that funny how when cats lay on their back they kind of curl of their paws.

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    Mantenna, that's a comfy cat if I ever saw one... lol ..... How adoreable is that, all that's missing is a pan of lasagna

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    Great Pictures everyone!

    Here is a picture of my aquarium. It currently has 6 angels, 4 albino cory cats, 2 kuhli loaches, and 4 dwarf crayfish.

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    Wednesday morning, if everything goes to plan, Lota and Misty, two elephants in the notoriously abused Hawthorn herd will be liberated and arrive at The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary. We have been waiting for this historic and wonderful event for years! Keep an eye on the ele-cam on Wednesday morning for this momentous occasion. www.elephants.com
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    So live that anyone speaking ill of you is branded a liar

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    Does anyone else have pets who seem to be jealous of the computer? My kittie Stella is always all over me whenever I sit down by the computer - stepping on the keyboard, blocking the view and, of course, looking adorable while doing so. She's sitting on my shoulder at the moment. It's kind of cute, but it does get slightly annoying sometimes - especially when I have to write an essay.

    But how could I possibly be mad at someone so cute?
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more" (Morrissey)

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    most of my dogs will lay right under my chair and my feet when i am at the computer, its the only time they do it. guess its the same thing, jelouse

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    Here's one..............


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