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Thread: For animal lovers

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    I've used AOL Dog Match, and they will match you to the dog that will suit you the most, your lifestyle, how much time you can spend exercising the dog, whether you live in a house with a yard or an apartment etc, allergies, shedding, trainability, history of injury, compatibility with children, all that stuff. I spent a year researching dog breeds and going to a few dog shows gave me a lot of insight. Like Salome, I liked Italian greyhounds, they don't shred, are not bad on allergies, but they were way, way too nervous. Never buy a puppy from a pet store, as usually they are not checked for genetic defects common in purebred pups, and also, the pups come from bitches, who spend their entire lives in miserable conditions, kennels, churning out puppies for profit. You can find reputable breeders from the AKC ( American Kennel Club ) or the UKC
    ( United Kennel Club ). How about a Toy Fox Terrier, they were bred from Fox Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, and Chihuahas, and are really suited to apartment life. Not as hyper as a Chihuaha, or as nervous and hard to train as an Italian Greyhound ( but Salome, I really like Italian Greyhounds too )...try the AOL Dog Match....it's a great site..Pugs shed a lot, but I like them too, how about a Bichon Friche, my sister has one, they're great for allergy suffers, don't shred and are extremely friendly, but very fluffy, so some grooming time will be required.
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    Where do you live? Pugs cannot take the heat at all. You can't leave them in the backyard or out in the garage even for 15 minutes because of their pushed in noses. My dad has a pug and he has to be very careful not to let the dog get over heated. They also can get overweight easy so don't overfeed them. NO people food. They are fun doggies

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    My lhasa apso is happy living on the second floor of our two story home...free reign of about 6 rooms or locked up in our bedroom when we are out. She's small (15 lbs) smart, and a good combination of affectionate/independent. She's a long haired breed that you can keep in a short puppy cut. It's key with any breed of puppy to get it housebroken immediately on newspaper or paper mats you can buy...bad habits stick with them for a lifetime. Also, spend a LOT of time with the little one once you first get it, so it can get used to you, the home, and the rules. If not you'll have one destructive dog. Mine can stay alone for most of the day if she has to, but that's a rare occurence. Another dog you might consider is a miniature schnauzer.
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    A popular Pug breed is the cross with the Jack Russell Terrier... They call it a "Jug" They're a little smarter than a pug and a little less active than a JRT... A friend of mine has one and he loves it!
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    I have 2 Shih-tzus and they're great. They're small, quiet and not very hyper. Also, very kid friendly.

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    hey happybanana,
    if you live in an apt and don't have a ton of time, you might look into getting a dog from a shelter that is young, but not a puppy. puppies are like babies initially, and if you want to housetrain them, you have to commit a LOT of time to them right off the bat. expect to not get a lot of sleep for awhile. if you go to a shelter, many of the dogs are already housetrained and crate trained, which will save you a TON of time and energy. plus, those dogs need good homes.

    in the past, i've had 3 cockers and though i absolutely LOVE them and think they are about the sweetest dogs on the planet, they usually have health problems like allergies which can be a huge investment in $$$. my brother has a cocker and she has the same health problems and skin problems. it's sad to watch.

    my other girlfriend has had italian greyhounds forever, and LOVES them. she had no trouble training and the pup is completely loyal. PLUS they live a LOT longer than most other dogs.

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    If you won't have time to walk them much, I don't think Italian Greyhound is a choice as they need to run & exercise a lot (I was looking into Italian Greyhounds when I was looking for a dog & decided I didn't have the right surroundings etc for one )

    Pugs are great. I know a lot of people that have pugs and they all love them to death I think you'll be very happy with one, just watch its diet and stuff, especially if you're not gonna walk him a whole lot

    Another small dog that's very cute & personably is the miniature pincher! They're just adoreable.

    Otherwise I agree 100% with Sher's suggestion about going to the pound. Maybe you won't get a pure breed but you'll have a pup who'll love you forever for giving it a second chance Personally I don't get dogs from anywhere else

    Good luck with your choice, let us know what you get & let us see lotsa pictures!

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    I had a Maltese, and they are a good dog for small areas. They are very friendly and don't really require any special needs. They are also one of the breeds of dog that if someone is allergic to dogs they will not have a reaction to the Maltese. The only thing about a Maltese is it has to be groomed. Their hair can grow long and it needs to be trimmed occasionally!

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    Don't get a Jack Russell Terrier. I love mine to death but she needs exercise or she goes bonkers. My mother has a miniature schnauzer who is a real sweetheart. She takes her on a 20 minute walk every morning though. If you can work a daily walk into your routine it's really good for the dog.

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    Dogs are so cute. I'am sure that if you decide to get one, you will enjoy having one. Pets make the best friends.

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