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Thread: For animal lovers

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    Re: For animal lovers

    I know! It just tears me up when we are waiting for the ferry and you see these dogs rummaging around in the trash or coming up to the cars to beg and they are mostly beagles or hounds or some sort of hunting dog. The ferry workers bring them scraps and stuff but they can only do so much. So usually people like us (or the workers themselves) will gather them up and take them in so they can at least have a chance at finding a home.

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    Re: For animal lovers

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000;2435256;
    I feel bad saying this but we've turned in a couple of puppies to the local humane society. Why? Because we live out in the country and people love to come out here and dump their dogs. ESPECIALLY if they are hunting dogs that don't have the scent or don't produce the results they want. You see tons of those poor things roaming around at the end of hunting season. My husband volunteers at a shelter in town and we take them in because I have allergies and cannot have a dog or a cat.

    So rather than see them become feral or starve to death or get run over, we pick them up and take them in. The center is a no-kill one and every one of those pups have been adopted (we check!)
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    Re: For animal lovers

    I so totally agree. When we were in Peru, there were so many dogs in the streets it just broke my heart. A group of us expats would round some up in the back up a pick up and a vet in town would neuter them and only charge for materials. Sadly we had to let them go back to the streets, but they had their street workers, construction guys etc. to kind of look after them, and it was better than nothing. My husband started getting the "look" on his face when he saw me approaching with more animals. These dogs were just looking for someone to love them...and often were dumped pets. On a 4 hour drive from Lima to to the north my daughter counted over 120 dogs that she could see from the car, just wandering around the highway.

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    Re: For animal lovers

    Ah. I just remembered this. One day on the turnpike (70 mph) I came upon a car that had just pulled over. A back door opened and they pushed a big dog out on the side and pulled off. I was in such shock-should have gotten a plate number or something!
    I very much believe in rescuing animals, not buying them.

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    Re: For animal lovers

    OK... time for cute kitty photos.

    First some snuggling...

    After some snuggling, a bath...

    Is Ella enjoying this?

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    Re: For animal lovers

    They are *so* beautiful Uncle David....their fur looks like a mink coat....
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    Re: For animal lovers

    I give you..... Attachment 20722 She went on to kitty paradise three years ago, and I still miss her. She was a sweet and goofy cat.

    I really enjoyed the photos! What adorable pets.
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Uncle David - I always love seeing pictures of those two BEAUTIFUL girls.

    lopevian - Claire was so pretty, I am sure her & Mona have crossed paths at the Rainbow Bridge, they probably have bumped into misskittys snowflake also. Three girls all having fun.
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Those are beautiful, beautiful pictures, Uncle D and lopevian.

    It is a sad day for me, but it also comes with some relief. Mr. lei and I are bringing our Rainey in to join her friends at the Rainbow Bridge. She is clearly uncomfortable and ready to go and it is the best thing we can do for her.

    Mr. lei dug a hole in our garden so Rainey will be helping pretty pink flowers grow.

    I hesitated about posting. I haven't been active here that long, I don't quite feel like part of the "family", and I don't want to make anyone sad. But as I've already been there through others' ups and downs, and have proudly introduced our babies, I figured it was appropriate. I hope it is.

    We've been grieving and letting go for some time, so we are and will be okay, and know it is really the best thing. Still it's amazing how many tissues these puffy eyes can go through.

    Rainey lived the best 16-1/2 years a kitty could ask for. And she is the sweetest, most loving kitty we ever met, so we were lucky to have her.

    Thank you to all of you who have shown your love of animals here. I know our Rainey will have many friends greeting her very soon, and that she will be there for others when it is their time.


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    Re: For animal lovers

    lei. Rainey will have many new buddies at Rainbow Bridge. I know how hard it is to say good-bye. Big hug to you and your husband.

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