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Thread: For animal lovers

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    Re: For animal lovers

    What an adorable kitty, way! Do we need a name the kitty poll?
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Oh, Tv_Luvr, poor baby. Those pictures just make we want to give him loves. Glad to hear he is better.

    Waywyrd, your new baby is adorable. I love the eyes.
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd;2387413;
    Any advice for introducing a new kitten to an older, indoors cat?....
    Congratulations on your new, darling baby!!!

    And it sounds like you're off to a great start.

    Sometimes it takes a slow introduction, and prhoshay's advice is smart. Even sniffing each other under the door gets them more used to each other, and trading items that they've been sleeping on is another step.

    But don't be concerned if it takes some time for them to work out their dynamics, as Uncle D is right on that these things usually work themselves out.

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    Re: For animal lovers

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay;2387225;
    OK, how about put the grouchy cat in a pillow case, get out 1 leg and cut quickly?? I've found that if they can't see exactly what you're doing, it goes better....and then hurry up and let them go!!!

    Nope you catch him while he's sleeping.... heh heh heh
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Quote Originally Posted by queenb;2387210;
    Would a bath help with the kitty's spring shedding? He seems to be doing it a lot since there is light coming in the windows later at night.
    QB, they have some sort of shed ender brushes at WalMart (normally up near the registers at the one here...it's not a superstore though so they may be different). They really do work for pulling out all sorts of hair that is going to be shed. My friends that have 2 Ragdoll cats use the one I got them at Christmas regularly now that the kitties are used to it.

    I have one that I got at the Southern Women's Show that is really similar to them and it does WONDERS for not only my long haired really shedding kitty, but even gets rid of a lot on my shorthair as well. Here's a link to their website
    The Love2Pet 2-in-1 Grooming Tool

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    Re: For animal lovers

    Maybe waywyrd's new baby is part Balinese? The Balinese is a long haired Siamese. Or just Siamese, with a long haired gray mother.
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Did I mention I want waywyrd's new kitty.
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Based on advice here, I think I'll take Rocky to the vet and get the ears checked before it gets any worse; he came from a shelter so he could have picked up something there.
    I wish he would let me comb him, but after a minute or so, he won't let me do anymore. I think while we're at the vet's I'll pay the $25 for the bath too; Rocky is shorthaired but I think he's trying to do the spring shed all at one time. Misskitty, I won't need any armor, as I intend to be in the other room waiting to give comfort and support after it's all over with!

    Waywyrd, I love your new kitty too! I think when the kitten hair comes out it will end up being a short hair, but who knows? Either way, too cute!
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Waywyrd what a adorable kitty!

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    Re: For animal lovers

    Hey fellow animal lovers.

    I posted wayyyyyyy back about some kittens. My daughter and one of her roomates bottle fed them.

    I went out to N.Y. to see my daughter in her new home and I hope this posting works. I was a computer tech, then left that. Am back to it but, am still not too up on the picture end.

    Will come back and check this site as soon I'll have a laptop and a lot of "down time". I'd like to go through the entire thread. I love animals.
    I'll be buggin you all for dog advice very soon!!! I'm getting a puppy.
    It will only be the second time in my life I've had a dog.

    Anyway, here are (if this works) the kitties that got first tube fed, then bottle fed.

    well, I had a ton of pics but, am too tired to try and do them now. Sorry for the duplicate but, how cute are they?

    killed me leaving them. I got so attached.

    This is Fat Albert huggin his sister.......

    just too cute!! (I think)!

    I kept getting upload errors......
    Attached Images Attached Images
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