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Thread: For animal lovers

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    Well, my first two kitties were Buffy. Original, I know. Then I got Angie who lived 15 years. I loved that cat. Then came Ginger (A boy, but my daughter was insistent on that name. The people that gave him to us named him Yolanda so Ginger is much better). This year my friends cat had kittens and I took one. We named him Fred so we have Fred and Ginger. Mostly we call them Rick of the Fred and Bo Binger. Don't know why, but those nicknames fit.

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    Years ago I had a cat that looked just like one of Unks and I named him Sid, short for Acid because he would run in circles and it reminded me of someone on drugs if that makes sense. Now I have 3 chihuahua's but they have fairly boring names......Buddy, Holly and Abby and we have a chi/shih tzu cross dog we called Buckwheat because he has a piece of fur on top of his head that will not lay down.

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    On the subject of animal names, we have some odd ones and some plain ones. Like Prhoshay, most of ours have middle names.

    We have Star Ling. She was adopted from a friend that had a pregnant feral cat move into his garage. She is better known as Starry.

    Next we have Mitzi May. She is the daughter of Starry. Better known as Mitzi.

    Next is Galaxy. She is also Starry's daughter. She is known a Gallie. No middle name because we haven't found one that works.

    Last but not least is Casey Lee. We all voted on a name and Casey won. The Lee because that is the name of my Hubby's aunt and like her he never really listens.

    There you have the current ones. Now we have had a Pipsqueak Elizabeth (Pippy), Charlie, Molly Marie, Maggie May and a Sheba. But they all have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we still miss every single one.
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    When I was growing up my pets were mostly rabbits and one guinea pig. The rabbits names were Snowball, Blackie, Snowflake, and Tinsel. Snowball and Snowflake as you can guess from the names were white and Blackie was black. I had Snowball and Blackie together for about 3 or 4 years. Tinsel was a wild jack rabbit that we found in our backyard. He was grey and could fit in the palm of my hand when we found him. Within a few years of good eating he got huge. Too big for the 4 ft long cage we kept him in. We gave him away to a friend of the family who raised rabbits on his farm. Within a few months he said about half of his rabbits were part jack rabbit. My guinea pig's name was Pumpkin because he was a nice orange colour. My nickname for him was Plumpkin cause he had a big tummy. We lent Pumpkin to another friend of the family because she had a female guinea pig and wanted to breed it. Pumpkin went away for 2 weeks and came back half the size. Not sure what he got up to while he was away but my little Plumpkin passed away about a month later.

    After that I didn't have a pet for a little while until a stray cat showed up at school one day. My Mom was teacher at my school and she let me keep the little guy. My Mom named him, his name was Schnooks which is supposed to mean rascal in German. He was a good cat. He was an outdoor cat and almost every night we would hear the meowing at the door to come see the "present" he brought for us. Schnooks would eat all the presents too - mice, birds, whatever he caught. His nickname was Schnookie or Kitty. He was more my Mom's cat than mine. She called him the son she would never have. He loved paperbags and whenever we took him to the vet we would carry him in a paperbag. Schnooks lived to be about 12 years old. Towards the end he got sick, the vet said it was probably liver cancer. For the last week of his life he did the thing that most cats do went not well, sleeping all the time and hiding. I would try to make sure he drank water, ate a little bit, and carry him to the litter box. We couldn't see him suffer anymore so we decided to put him to sleep. My Mom couldn't go with him because she got too upset so I took him to the hospital and was there with him at the end. It was a very peaceful experience because he really did just go to sleep with me petting him. I brought him home in a box and we buried him in the backyard. My Mom still visits his grave and gets all choked up whenever we talk about him.

    About a week later I decided I wanted another cat so I went to our local SPCA and adopted my little girl Pootsie. I knew she was mine the minute I saw her. She was being held by this little girl and when she put the kitten back into the cage I went and picked her up. The first thing she did was crawl up to my ear and start sucking on it. That was a "you got me at hello moment" for me. I've had her now for close to 12 years. She's always been an inside cat. Very spoiled but that's okay. Pootsie is a typical tabby cat. She's got a big M on her forehead and a cute little pounch for a tummy that I love to see swing when she runs. She meets me at the door everyday and follows me around the house all the time. She loves to drink water out of the bathtub tap when it dribbles out and likes to curl up to sleep by my head.

    When I moved out of the house and took Pootsie with me, my Mom decided to get another cat after about 6 months. She went to the SPCA and found her cat that she called Snuggles. She was a year old cat that someone had dropped off at the SPCA because they couldn't keep her. My Mom fell for her because she was older and thought that anyone could fall in love with the little kittens but someone needed to take this cat home. Snuggles is just like her nickname is Snuggly. She's soft and cuddly and like a rag doll. She doesn't mind being flipped around and held like a baby. She's about 11 years old. A few months back she disappeared for about 3 days. My Mom got all worried that she had hid somewhere in the house and died. So I got the bright idea of bringing Pootsie back to the house to see if she would smell something and find Snuggles. I don't know what kind of karma was working that day but when I let Pootsie out of her carrying case she took off and hid in the house (it's a really big house) and Snuggles just showed up outside on the porch. She was dirty and hungry looking but none the worse for wear. We figure that she just have ran out the door and went on an adventure the day she went missing. I eventually found Pootsie about 6 hours later and took her home. The cats do not get along so we couldn't let Snuggles back into the house until we got Pootsie out. Right now I'm babysitting Snuggles while my parents are on vacation so that means driving back and forth and spending time with both girls at their separate homes.

    Well, that's my pet history. Sorry I rambled so long but I really love my little ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane;2223656;
    I need a breed that is good with kids and will get along with the cats. I'm leaning towards a Pomeranian or a Boston Terrier (I know there are fans of both breeds here!).
    I'm thrilled that you'll have a chance to be a stay-at-home-Mom, AJane, and I admire you for being willing to take advantage of the time to introduce a puppy into the mix. I think you and the pup will do just fine together, especially since you'll be able to spend a good amount of time with the dog.

    I feel very lucky because I have the best of both of the breeds you mentioned: I have Pomeranians in Boston!!!

    I've had Powder (who's actually an American Eskimo, not a Pom) and Tuxedo (who's the third Pom that Powder and I have owned) for years and we live with a big, fat, obnoxious, diabetic kitty cat named Officer Smudge. The Pomeranians have been very well-adjusted and happy, and they seem to get along with everyone.

    My only recommendation, AJane, is that you factor into the decision a realistic estimate of how much time you think your children will spend with the dog. Even though I'm a big fan of Pomeranians I have to say that they're not the sturdiest of dogs, so if your kids will play with the dog a lot then you'll do better with something like the Boston Terrier or a Pug. Another fine breed for kids, I've found, is the Basset Hound.

    I agree that you'd likely do really well with a mixed breed, too, and they do tend to be hardier than a lot of bred dogs are.

    Whatever you do, I wish you all the best of luck, and I'm sure your new dog will adapt really quickly and add many laughs and great memories to your life.

    Quote Originally Posted by AJane;2223656;
    I'm probably nuts to add yet another member to the household.
    I'm laughing at that because I said the very same thing only a couple of weeks ago when a friend offered me a new dog to adopt -- another Pomeranian.

    My friend who offered is the same "rescue coordinator" who fostered Tuxedo for a couple of years and she told me that she knew of a Pomeranian who needed a home. I told her I needed another animal like I needed a hole in the head, but the story of the Pom tugged at my heart: the dogs current owners were in their late 70s (my parents' age) and they simply couldn't take care of her anymore.

    With one e-mail to my landlord I was given permission to adopt yet another Pomeranian, so I brought MISTY home from New Hampshire on Saturday evening. Even though she'll break my heart some day (like all my pets do when they pass away) I figure it's worth it to take in my pets because they all need good homes, and I provide a good home, for sure.

    To those who hesitate to adopt, I hope you'll try to remember that the animals need homes -- they need you! I don't mean to apply pressure here but I'm just giving a friendly reminder that they definitely do need you.

    Below is a picture of how nicely Misty's settling into The Dog Pack. So far, so good. Oh, and in case you're wondering which one is my new dog, it's the one on the left -- the one who's not yet looking thoroughly bored or resentful of a new dog being on the bed!!

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    Now those are some cute dogs! I love how fluffy they are.

    Here's my newly adopted 8yr old black lab. I picked him at the SPCA because he looked as sad as I felt. Plus, not many people give older dogs a chance. I had to say goodbye to my 13yr old heart dog this past November I miss him horribly.
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    Oh, Pommy. Misty is adorable. What a sweet little face. Looks like she's settling in just fine

    We had a million and one pets when I was growing up - from dogs to guinea pigs to lizards to quail. The only thing we didn't have was parrots/parakeets and cats. The cats came later.

    I have two cats right now - a beautiful tabby boy called Jasper (his pic is somewhere in this thread), who I named after Jasper Johns, and Suki, my petite, little long-haired black girl. I've been hugging them both a lot closer lately.
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    Gabriel - my condolences. Your Mona & Joey stories have made me smile and I hope that eventually, you will smile as you remember Mona.

    As far as the pet name topic goes - I have two. The eldest is Simon. He's a Jack Russell Terrier named after a Captain Kangaroo character. He is 13 and we refer to him as "The HellBeast". The other one is Henry Waddlesworth Longfellow. He was adopted from a shelter and is the sweetest dog EVER. He's a Dachshund and he's basically just long and lazy and very affectionate. He loves to wear sweaters and burrow under the covers on the bed.
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    All of these pictures are wonderful!

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    Regarding pet names - when we got our first cat, all black with just a few white hairs on her chest, my son said she had very long whiskers. So he decided her name was Whiskers (sometimes called Whiskey or Wickers). Then when we got our second cat, he's all gray with a white belly, half a white nose, and white feet. My son said it looked like someone dunked him in milk, so he became Dunkin (sometimes called Dunk or Trouble).

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