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Thread: For animal lovers

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    I need some advice from some dog lovers out there. I have two small kids and two cats. I'm very seriously considering adding a dog to the mix, as we're moving to a new city and my husband will be travelling a fair bit. I'm planning on being a stay-at-home mom for a while, so I'll have the time to train a puppy. What I'm looking for is a small-ish dog, partly because we don't have a huge house and our yard is tiny. I need a breed that is good with kids and will get along with the cats. I'm leaning towards a Pomeranian or a Boston Terrier (I know there are fans of both breeds here!). But I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has any. Allergies aren't a concern, just size & temperment. Any recommendations? Besides that I'm probably nuts to add yet another member to the household.
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    My Silky Terrier gets along fine with the cat, they only weigh about 10 pounds and are really sweet and love to play. Dolly's favorite activity is chasing tennis balls. She brings them back for me to throw over and over, I have to make her stop and rest. My kids were older when we got her 8 years ago though, so I don't know how they are with small children. She has long hair in this picture but we keep her clipped fairly short now - but Silkys do not shed so that's a plus.

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    Boston Terrier, AJane! Your list sounds a lot like the one I had two years ago. I did a bunch of research and came up with Bostons. They're smallish but not tiny (12-18 pounds, I think); bred as companion animals, so they're famous for their easygoing temprament with both people and other animals; have extremely short hair which doesn't really shed as far as I've observed (they only need baths every 3-4 months unless they roll in something stinky; they also don't have any trace of "dog smell"); and are very intelligent and easy to train. They're also a fairly healthy breed, with few congenital health problems, generally.

    We've also had a miniature dachshund, which we loved, but that's not an ideal breed with young kids. Plus, their temprament can be a little high strung.
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    AJane, I'd take into consideration if you have the time (or desire) to brush and have groomed regularly certain breeds. I have a Min. Schnauzer and while he does look so handsome after he's had his cut, he tends to matt up in between cuts and unfortunately I've never been good at regular brushing. I tried to groom him myself but I'm not good at it so every 2-3 months I have to shell out $40 to have him professionally cut. He also has allergies, like his mother did, but we live in the south with pollen and other allergens so that could be the reason. But the cat loves him (we got the cat as a kitten and the dog was already about 8) and he seems to like the cat as well, and he's very even tempered and calm for a Schnauzer. My female Min. Schnauzer tolerated the cat but she never would give him the time of day. She was calm too.

    My BIL has three Boston Terriers and loves them. One is huge for a Boston while the oldest is petite. They are all pretty easy going, if not a little high strung at times. But I think a dog's attitude has a lot to do with the household. If the household is loud and active, the dog might be the same. Our household is practically comatose () so my dog and cat are very laid back.

    Another breed I researched was Min Pins. My MIL had one and he was a sweetie. But she never housetrained him so he just went wherever, whenever.

    You don't want a breed that will stay too small if you think the kids will be a little rough. Something they can play with without worrying about hurting the dog would be ideal. Some breeds don't do well with kids and will develop a fear or dislike for them if the kids are too noisy or rough.

    I think if you get a puppy, it will grow up with the cats (and the kids) and there shouldn't be a problem no matter what the breed. The cats will let the puppy know what they will and won't tolerate. Whatever you decide, I'm sure the cats will adjust. If not, they'll just ignore him/her!
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    Marleybone & jasmar Those are some cute puppies.
    UNK - The boys just keep getting bigger, its great that they have a nice place to look out the window.

    Since getting my new camera, I've gone crazy taking pics, so I'm going to share a few more.

    And Rocko's tongue (yes that really is her tongue, not a pink Pringle)

    I like this one of Phender becasue it shows off her little stubby tail, which is really hard to get in pictures. My Dad calls her a Cabbit.

    And this is what I came home to yesterday after work. She somehow managed to get the brand new roll out of its tupperware safe-haven and teach it a lesson.

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    Ajane, if you're most concerned about temperament, I'd get a mixed breed. They seem to have the most even personalities around children.

    ETA: M-shell, I love the toilet paper kitty!
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    Gabriel, I am so sorry for your loss. I just read the posts. My heart goes out to you. God bless and take care of yourself.
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    Gabriel I just cried my heart out for your loss. Sending you hugs.
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    M shelll, there's nothing funnier that cats and toilet paper. Nothing, I tell ya!
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    Unk: Your boys have grown up so well. They look absolutely adorable and captivating by the snow. How old are they now?

    Marleybone: Your Silky is just precious! What a little princess!

    jasmar: Your boxer has perfect B&W colors.

    M_shelll: I love phender. And Rocko's tongue does look like a pink pringle!

    gabriel: Window-looking gets priority here too. There's almost a daily fight/hissy fit when either Gracie or Mr. Tootles both want the prime location of the top bed on the front room tree. Of course the entire house is laid out for their viewing and convenience.
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