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Thread: For animal lovers

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    Re: For animal lovers

    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter View Post
    I have Wine and Legos night with my 80 year old neighbor once a week with an ongoing storyline. The primary couple runs a vet clinic/shelter. This week we are featuring bunnies post Easter.
    Wine and Legos sounds like so much fun!
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer161 View Post
    Wine and Legos sounds like so much fun!
    It’s SO much fun. I enjoy her company, she gets out of the house (she’s a shut-in), the storylines give me a goal with my Lego obsession, and we’re learning so much! The brothers of the main couple hit it off at their wedding and currently make documentaries for National Geographic. They’ve been to Indonesia, Japan, and are currently in Guatemala. I heavily research (on Google and Pinterest). LiDAR location of Mayan ruins, Semuc Champey, scuba diving in Lake Atitlán.
    On topic - there are warnings out in Massachusetts about multiple reports of hawks taking pets this year.
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    Re: For animal lovers

    Does anyone else keep up with the Decorah eagles? The dad has gone missing, leaving the mom with three little eaglets.

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    Re: For animal lovers

    Photobabe might, navybelle.

    I have a question, too. Has anyone ever given Albon to their pet? Over the past two months, our cavachon has, on occasion, had to make a beeline for the outdoors for a sudden burst of poo and then a followup bout of diarrhea. Next day, he's perfectly fine. Even though it has been spaced out, it has gotten to be a pattern and I have seen blood. So today the vet looked him over and he says there are a few eggs in his stool, but that's normal. However, because of the pattern, he thinks we need to rid him of parasites and that's why he's prescribed the Albon. His best guess is that they came from bunny manure, and he's probably correct because we most definitely have bunny manure on our trails!

    Anyone have any positive or negative things to say about this medication? He wants him to take it for 10 days.

    Other than that, I am happy to report that our 12 yr old (who thinks he is a puppy) passed the rest of his exam with flying colors!
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