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Thread: For animal lovers

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    Thank you Marley,

    I go out and clean off my spot on the driveway each night after all the critters have gone to nest and put down a half circle of bird seed then a straight line of corn, sunflower seeds and peanuts. In the morning when I go into the kitchen for my coffee it looks like "wild kingdom". There are no less than 6 to 10 little gray squirrels and I have about 25 sparrows and at least that many doves. They all eat in harmony but it took a long time to figure out the half circle thingy. The birds eat on the outside and the squirrels on the inside.

    I am diligent during the winter because I know they are cold and hungry.

    But my special friend Fred gets shelled half pecans by hand.

    I love sitting at my big breakfast window with my coffee and Shelby in my arms watching all the interaction. Yes Shelby loves watching too. She barks at me until I pick her up to see all the critters.

    I hope when and if I get to Heaven that my job will be feeding all the little critters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarlettO
    I hope when and if I get to Heaven that my job will be feeding all the little critters.
    When you get to heaven your job will be feeding and looking after God's critters along with my dear Aunt Joanne, who used to do the same thing you're doing. This dear sweet woman could not stand to see ANYTHING hurt or starving. While they never had mice in the house because of the cats, this wonderful lady would put cheese out for the mice on the back porch so they wouldn't be hungry. She told me once that it was like feeding time at certain times every day. Bless you for giving them food ScarlettO. There is a special place for you, a food server at the Rainbow Bridge.

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    Sniff Sniff

    Awwww you went and made me gabriel.

    What nice words. Thank you......I sure hope you are right. The Rainbow Bridge sounds like a beautiful place.

    Your Aunt must be a very nice lady...I wished she lived next door...we could have a blast together.

    Now I will tell yall a funny story. One day driving back from my sisters house I found a turtle on the highway. It was going to get run over so I stopped and got it and brought it home. I had a huge flower bed with railroad ties surrounding it and knew he could't get out and named him Elvis. I bought those half logs for him to hide in (3) and dug out a little hole for a watering pond and everyday would feed him fresh veggies. Well my next door neighbor Linda found 2 and brought them to me...so now I was taking care of 3. Well one day I went out to feed and there were 7 in there. I stood and kept counting and went into the house and called my good friend and said "Linda you have to stop bringing me turtles"...she said "Susie I didn't I promise". She came over and we laughed and laughed trying to figure out how 3 became 7 full grown turtles.
    Well to make a long story short....my lawn guys saw the turtles and figured I loved them and everytime they found one they saved it and brought it over and put it in my flower bed. I played tennis and told everyone the story and so anytime one of my friends found one they brought it over and plopped it in there. I finally had to put a letter in our subdivision news asking everyone to please stop bringing turtles to the "turtle lady when I reached 10. I had so many I finally had to turn them loose. I knew they would be safe in my back yard. Of course, they all dug out and went on their way. Every now and then I find one. Which showed me wild animals need to be free.
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    Here's a recent picture of The Pomeranians:

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    That is such a cute picture, Pom. Sarah says they are adorable, too.

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    Oh Pom, it looks like a kitty snuck his way into the picture.

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    That's Pom's newest "Pomeranian".

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    Cute picture, Pom! I think it's funny that the cat is right in front!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Adorable picture, Pom! I love your newest addition to your family - such a cutie. He seems to be adjusting well to your babies.
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more" (Morrissey)

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    great pic Pom!!!!!

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