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Thread: For animal lovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    The long lives are due to the way spoil 'em. My Tigger will be 17 in March.

    hmmmmp I'll have you know that none of my babies are spoiled.............they are very well cared for. Just ask them. ROFLMAO

    Tigger is a sweetheart.


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    Looking for Cavalier King Charles

    I've decided that I want a 2nd dog in our household and I want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. My aunt and uncle had one of those, he was the sweetest dog ever and I know the breed pretty well and know it'll be a good choice for our household.

    I was wondering if any of you have any good suggestions on where to look for a puppy? (I mean places like petfinder.org and similar...)

    I don't need a PERFECT puppy, I'm planning for him/her to be our pet, and I don't care if he's too big, too small or have a spot where there's not supposed to be a spot and so on. I know a lot of breeders give up puppies for pretty cheap if they're not standard for show & breeding, so I'd love to maybe rescue one like that. I do want a puppy though, we adopted our current dog from the animal shelter and she was already grown. I love her to death, and I definitely didn't mind that she was already grown, but I just really want one that I'll raise "from scratch" :-)

    So I figured maybe some of my FORT pals would know good websites and resources for adopting or rescuing puppies, or even resources for buying from breeders that have puppies they can't show or breed

    Thanks :-)


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    Everyone's pets are adorable, althoughI don't think I could ever handle a taratula in my house. Eeek!

    Here is my cat. Her name is Kitty (creative, yes? ) She showed up on our doorstep 8 years ago and we've spoiled her rotten ever since. When she showed up, she was just 6 pounds and now she's 17 pounds!



    Kitty is a very patient cat. She doesn't care if I carry her around everywhere, or dress her up in little costumes. She's like a dog almost, though much more mellow. She waits at the door for us to get home and is just adorable. Somehow, she knows when I'm sad and she'll scratch on my door until I let her in so she can lick away my tears. I love my Kitty so much.

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    I don't think the pictures loaded, pinkie, because I only see the red X's.

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    Yeah, pinkie, all I see is the word IMAGE twice.

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    My kitty, Annie, came into the house the other day, and, I don't know ... and this just might be me .... but, I'm thinkin' she was up to something. I asked her why she looked so guilty, but she just looked at me with those innocent eyes and said, "Why Mother *blink-blink* I have no idea what you're talking about". I don't know if I should believe her or not. Call it woman's intuition, I guess.

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    Rumpshaker!!! Yep, that's quite the innocent look. Mmm-hmm.

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    What a classic picture, Rumpy. I'd be putting that one in a frame on the mantle.

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    o.m.g! I LOVE it! Rumpy, that's beyond cute...beyond! She totaallllly has the "::blink blink:: "What momma?" look!!
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    That's a great picture, Rumpershaker. You should enter it in a photo contest.

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