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Thread: What is your favorite fragrance?

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    Re: What is your favorite fragrance?

    I love perfumes and wear different ones every day depending on my mood. My favorite daytime/anytime scent is Light Blue by D&G. It smells exactly like Southern Italy and reminds me of being on the Amalfi coast when I wear it.

    Another that I truly love but wear on special occasions only is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. You can definitely tell that this is a higher quality perfume. It lasts longer and I get more compliments/comments when I wear this than any other fragrance.

    I also have in my arsenal - Gold by Donna Karan, Black by Kenneth Cole, Amarige by Givenchy
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    Re: What is your favorite fragrance?

    I think i am revisiting my perfumaholic days of the 90s. I wore many things and got many compliments (Eternity, Guess, Allure, Ellysium, Magi noire, Tuscany per donna, Amariage). I practically made no money when i was buying and wearing all these costly fragrances. But they made me feel so feminine and in fashion.

    There are so many take offs on scents these days that are confusing. In the 90s i could embrace a scent and love it. When i started making more money in my thirties i wore tova (on qvc). Men and women would come up and ask me what i was wearing. And it was so clean. I wore that for eight years and no other fragrance. They changed the fragrance. I had a friend who sold Avon. I switched to a brief period where i bought all her stuff. Purchased a couple of high end stuff but did not like it or the Avon. Coco was good at the counter but not on me. I purchased Queen by queen Latifah, loved it, got many compliments on it, and associate it with the time my husband was courting me (when i wax beautiful) .

    Yesterday i organized my perfume counter, threw out the Avon, sale perfumes that were not quite right and bad ideas. I have kept Queen, last bit of Lancome 's Miracle, RAlph Lauren's Notorious, jessica MCClintock (better as a romantic idea than in actuality), one of the Escada's, and Lancome's Ode Lorangerie. Alot of that was purchased in the post Tova trying to find my signature scent again.

    Yesterday i bought Sephora's Atelier cologne, Vanilla Intense. The most i have ever paid for a cologne ($125). I think i can marry it now and quit shopping i am 48,blessed to have seen these decades and love recalling my fragrance whoredom. I associate the scents with youthful or romantic times........and now i feel all glamorous smelling like a bakery......hoping the new fragrance will be a signature one.
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    Re: What is your favorite fragrance?

    In the 90's I was up to my eyeballs in raising small children. Perfumes/colognes weren't even on my radar. If I didn't smell like puke I considered it a plus. My favorite frangrance back then was a clean shower.

    I've found that there's a time when you go from young, single & stylish. Where you know all the latest everything: clothes; scents; hairstyles; bands; films, to being out of touch with everything except child related stuff: Barney; Disney movies; toys; kids' songs, etc.

    Now I'm enjoying real storebought fragrances.
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    Re: What is your favorite fragrance?

    My son ADORED how I smelled. We were riding down the street one day, he was about 4, he grabbed my arm and said, "You smell SO good!" It was my Perry Ellis. I don't think I've ever been so flattered!
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    Perfumes, colognes, body sprays & mists & creams

    Good Morning, everyone!!!

    So I wanted to start this thread as Brett bought me for my Birthday 2 weeks ago, FLORA by GUCCI ... oh my my my, I LOVE IT!!!!

    I am addicted to everything, perfumes, colognes, body sprays, mists and creams.

    I actually love every thing from Bath & Body Works and the prices are FAB!

    AND Victoria's Secret has some crazy sales and that is the only time I will buy their body sprays ... like 5 for $35.00.


    p.s. this thread is OPEN TO ALL my FoRT, LOVIES (hello, Mal and Joseph)
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    Re: Perfumes, colognes, body sprays & mists & creams

    Well, momrek06, I think it’s going to be just you and me then because in an thread from about a year ago, most everyone here was on one side of the fence saying they’re sensitive to colognes, and I was on the other side of the fence saying, “....then you would not want to be in my house.” We have plug-ins and candles and incense, and essential oil diffusers -- you name it, we have it. Our house smells like one of those specialty shops in the mall. And we switch things up depending upon the season. Spring and Summer? Fresh linen or floral scents. Fall? Pumpkin, spice, nutmeg, campfire. Winter? Pine, balsam, holly berries, evergreen.

    I also love just about every kind of cologne you can wear, even Old Spice. Yes, Old Spice. I know it’s a ‘grandpa’ cologne, but I like the smell. I especially love Aramis, Versace, YSL, Nautica, Michael Kors --- the list goes on and on. Colognes are my weakness and Brandon knows it. If we’re not getting along about something, he’ll use cologne as a weapon. He’ll put on cologne as a way of breaking me down. Works every time.
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    Re: Perfumes, colognes, body sprays & mists & creams

    I'm very sensitive to scents so although they might smell nice in the bottle, I can't wear most of them or I get a terrible headache. I can wear body spray, though. I like scents like sweet pea, rose, and peach. I get scented body wash and use it as bubble bath. My favorite is Suave Sweet Pea and Violet but that's hard to find so I usually get the original Caress and the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.
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    Re: Perfumes, colognes, body sprays & mists & creams

    I am crazy for coconut, I always have been The rest I use is very subtle. I cannot stand getting in the elevator when a certain condo owner has been in out , she is halfway down the block, but her scent remains. Ugh!
    We have plug-ins and candles and incense, and essential oil diffusers -- you name it, we have it.
    we do as well Joseph. I love switching them over to reflect the season...
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    Re: Perfumes, colognes, body sprays & mists & creams

    I am one that is sensitive particularly to floral scents. I do use scented shower gel but it's always a fruity scent. I also try to find fruity hand soaps. I like a lot of the other scents but not when they make my nose and eyes start itching.
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    Re: Perfumes, colognes, body sprays & mists & creams

    We did discuss this once. Was it in the women's thread? I have asthma that is triggered by most perfumes, but I have a heavy essential oil called amber paste that I wear on special occasions and it doesn't seem to bother me. I use peppermint soap (Dr. Bronner's) in the shower. We used to have all the old perfumes in the house when I was young - Emaraude, Shalimar, Tabu, White Shoulders, etc. Then my sister got a bottle of Charlie and we loved that. Musk scents became popular in high school and natural scents like vanilla, lily of the valley, etc. My sister in later years enjoyed Poison and would send me the end of her old bottles when she got a new one. I was drawn to it, but could never decide if I liked it or not. I was into Red.
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