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Thread: Pets? Do Tell!

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    Originally posted by shersidhe
    i can't even read it through anymore. it has me bawling after the first verse. lol

    tough read but very sweet.
    Well, that just blew me away! That will be the first and the last time for me on that poem. Nice for Bonker to send it your way. It sure cleared my tear ducts.

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    I got another name for that kitty Jodaar, given that lil mokka has been watching several Disney videos the last few days, she has renamed two main characters in Toy Story....how about Boody or Budliteyear? Some other ones that are cute....Ariel, Simba, Nala...holy shit I need to stop watching these videos.

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    I love my "babies!"

    I have:

    1 cat ~ "Toonces" (remember "Toonces the Driving Cat" on SNL?)
    he's 8 years old & is white with dark grey patches.

    2 dogs ~ "Trooper" & "Tootsie" ~ Trooper is a toy-poodle/Shih-tzu mix. He's black & looks mostly like a poodle except he does have the shih-tzu tail. He's 7 y/o.

    Tootsie is a mini schnauzer & she's silver. She'll be 3 in March. I got her to keep Trooper company during the day since my husband & I both work. At first, Trooper hated her, but now they get along famously. I just adore her. I always had schnauzers growing up, so I was glad to have another one. She is the most happy-go-lucky dog I have ever seen! This little dog just loves life. She "explores" in the backyard everyday, as if it's a new adventure, even though she goes out there all the time! She also loves to get dirty, which drives me nuts, but she is so sweet & loving. I couldn't ask for a sweeter dog!

    We also used to have a saltwater fish tank, but we drained it last summer & sold all the rock out of it. We're gonna go back to freshwater in a couple of months (after we re-do the living room). We also had birds ~ Guido & Gertie (finches), but gave them to some friends b/c the cat wouldn't leave their cage alone & I got tired of cleaning up feathers, food, etc. EVERY DAY! I don't care how big or small they are, birds are messy!

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