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Thread: My 10 Favorite Things

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    FORT Fogey Lizard's Avatar
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    My 10 Favorite Things

    I guess the title should be the ten favorite things I have bought or buy. I was getting a little grossed out by the Chanel purses.

    My 10
    1. Happiness and health of my family
    2. Kindness
    3. Happiness and health of everyone else
    4. My pets
    5. My abode and neighbors.
    6. Walmart with its food and kick around clothes
    7. Television and Internet, yeah!
    8. Restaurants and people who cook yummy food for me
    9. KNITTING!
    10. MY digital SLRs...helps me remember all the goodness
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    The last word isn't really important in situations when nobody is listening.

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    *Until Next Season...* karalott's Avatar
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    Re: My 10 Favorite Things

    1) My niece, gramma, baby cousin, and family
    2) My cats
    3) Wegmans
    4) My writing station
    5) My Ipod
    6) My camera
    7) Being able to go home to my small, quiet town
    8) Traveling (I have a weird hobby with that-I like taking pictures of all the 'Welcome to...' signs)
    9) Gardening
    10) Cooking and coming with new recipes (sometimes with mixed results)
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    Re: My 10 Favorite Things

    My 10 would be:
    1) My family
    2) My boyfriend
    3) My mobile phone
    4) My laptop
    5) My painting
    6) My job
    7) My accessories
    8)My friends
    9) My car
    10) My photos

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    FORT Fogey Debb70's Avatar
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    Re: My 10 Favorite Things

    My list is subject to change.

    Animals of all kinds
    Hugs (Love)
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    Re: My 10 Favorite Things

    In order ~

    1. Family
    1. Special grandma time with my grandsons
    1. Memories of loved ones who have passed away
    (can't separate the first three)
    4. My dog
    5. Friends
    6. Laptop
    7. Books
    8. Cruising
    9. iPod/iTunes
    10. Coca Cola
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    Re: My 10 Favorite Things

    The people I love would fill up my top ten pretty quickly. So instead I'll be whimsical.

    1 - Potatoes. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.
    2 - Tiny bubbles that escape from the kitchen sink when washing dishes by hand.
    3 - Science Fiction books that demand to be read in one day/one sitting.
    4 - Hot, sunny days and cold lemonade.
    5 - Walking bare-foot through grassy lawns with no fire ants.
    6 - Roseanne marathons on TV Land.
    7 - Sonic breakfast burritos in the car on cool days with the windows rolled down and classic rock on the radio.
    8 - Slow drizzles that last the whole day and just beg for a pot of home-made chicken noodle soup.
    9 - Crossword puzzles after breakfast.
    10 - The smell of Christmas.

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    Re: My 10 Favorite Things

    1. Love/Friends/Family
    2. Food
    3. TV
    4. Music
    5. Walking
    6. Writing
    7 - 10. Food

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