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Thread: Misconceptions

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    You can take so many things for granted. I found out recently that a friend doesn't know how to put petrol into her car. Has to take her husband with her to fill up the tank!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrammarGoddess
    QuinntheEskimo...I feel your pain. BORElando is quite possibly the worse place I've ever lived. I made one really close friend and will probably be able to handle a visit now and again. By and large, I reallllllllllllllllllly disliked the humidity, the flatness, and Mickey.

    Come on out to Colorado--we'll take you!
    Hey GG, psssst, you can always adopt 2 Floridians
    Actually I'd be lost in the weather out there, since I've lived here all my life I'm pretty immune to the Florida heat, humidity, and flatness.

    That is one misconception about Orlando though, that it's all about the Mouse. Yes and no....I barely notice that the mouse exists because I stay far far away from that part of town. If you live or go down near the southwest side of town you're in total mouse-land/tourist-town and you can't escape it, but up here on the north side you don't even think about it or see much of it other than the occasional stray tourist who is on their way to Daytona or something.

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