I just saw a rainbow last night when I went out to get something for supper and it made me so happy! The last time I remember seeing a rainbow was when my parents still lived in town. That was over 5 years ago. Seeing this one made me remember previous rainbows I've seen. What are some of your most memorable rainbow sightings?

One time while heading to the Florida Keys for our annual family vacation, we saw a rainbow in the Homestead area. A field was being watered and the sprinkler created a rainbow so vivid, I felt like I could have gotten out of the car and leaned on it like a wall.

Another time, my mom, sister and I saw a triple rainbow! We were at the beach admiring a brilliant rainbow that had faint rainbow over it and while looking at it, we noticed a third rainbow, barely visible, over those two.

I've also had the unique experience of driving through a rainbow on the interstate. One morning our family was in the car and we could see a rainbow pretty nearby. It got larger and larger as we approached and I thought once we got to it, the illusion would shatter and it would disappear, but it didn't. For a few minutes, the interior of the car was lit up with the colors and I even had rainbow patterns on my arms when I looked down at them.

I never seem to have a camera with me when I see a rainbow because the sightings are so few and far between. It's too bad because I wish I had a picture of the triple rainbow on the beach. It was really cool!