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Thread: Insomnia Anyone???

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    uhg... that's an awful nights sleep.

    My husband tried the "drawer trick" last night. He fell asleep before 11, woke up once around 4 to put things back in the drawers and fell right back to sleep. Slept 'till 5:30. That was an amazing night's sleep for him
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    i'm glad it worked for him!

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    I cronically wake at 2-3 am then am usually up for a couple of hours.
    Just like your hubby, Cali, I can get to sleep just have trouble staying there. ... I now use Valerian Root tabs. I keep a dose of 3 beside the bed on a little coaster and as soon as I wake in the night, I take them. It seems to help a lot. Its still a pain waking and not getting a solid sleep, but at least I am getting more sleep than before.
    I find I have to take them right away, though. If I have been awake for more than even 5 minutes, I am too awake to get back to sleep quickly.

    I do use Temazepam occationally as well.. no hangover and I get a solid sleep ..Cali, these are a sleep aid for people who cannot stay asleep.. I was told by a doc way back when there was no such thing too.:rolleyes: They work well, but you sure don't sleep in with them I am awake early after a good nights sleep.. but I only use them once in awhile, I am worried about addiction.

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    I have no trouble falling asleep. I just tend to wake up at 3am. I do two things, sitcoms I like put me to sleep (The Cheers theme music seems to put me out, if I don't like the show, I can't fall asleep but if I like it it puts me out.) Or I use a trick my great Aunt taught me (they used it in the hospital she was a LPN in) Lay down, take 3 deep breaths, clear your mind, take another 3 very slow deep breaths. Then picture a black board with a piece of chalk...slowly picture the piece of chalk makeing B's. Think of nothing else, just the chalk slowly making B's, making the chalk go slower with each B. Usually by the 5th B I'm out.
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    Poor StevieM...I can totally sympathize with you, because I have had lifelong insomnia since I was a child. Through the years I've tried everything: warm milk, melatonin, valerian root, relaxation exercises, et al. OTC sleep aids might knock me out, but leave me zonked the whole day after--or semi-comatose.

    Like Firegirl though, Ambien & Sonata totally ROCK MY WORLD. They're the only things that have ever, EVER worked for me. Her descriptions of them are exactly the same as my experience (Ambien is a longer deeper sleep, Sonata is a fantastic nightcap with NO druggy hangover the next day). I take them for a few days to readjust my body's schedule, then I can go off them with no side effects. I was also resistant to the idea of taking a prescription drug initially, but in the past few months that I've had them, they have been a godsend.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I've been randomly looking at old general discussion threads and thought it would be nice to dredge up this one, since several people mentioned insomnia tonight. I'm not an insomniac, but am excited to try Wynd's dresser drawer idea.

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    Yep I have it and I still stand by my ambien or sonota.. lol

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    I used to get insomnia but having a baby pretty much cured it. I still haven't had a problem even though my daughter's way beyond the wake up every three hours stage. **knocking nervously on wood** It's such torture.
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    Having a baby gave me min Hep! haha

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    Talk to yourself... entertain yourself for a while.. then shut up and try to close your eyes and try to think that you are sleeping... then slowly.... zzZzzz..

    It works for me !

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