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Thread: I'm SO lazy....

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    Shazzer, you just reminded me of what my freshman year college roommate and I used to do. We would talk to each other on instant messenger from across the room and all our friends would make fun of us. It was entertaining, though...

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    I do that too. Even worse, we were beside each other in the school computer lab and I was so lazy to turn, I just sent her an IM.
    You select the person you want to be with, and then you let that person have the opportunity to select you. -Shayla

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    Originally posted by firegirl
    Grammar- that is sooo funny because I hate tp rolls! I didn't put any in the new house I built, instead I have these great baskets from Pottery Barn or where ever that sit on the floor by the toilet they have lids too so you can put ( unmentionables in there) extra rolls.
    Actually I have started a trend and all my friends now have tp baskets so noone ever is out or needs to change the roll!
    Oooooo...I LIKE that idea!!! I'm spreading your trend to Colorado--soon you'll be national!

    And someone else mentioned email conversations w/ coworkers "across the way". I do that too--and it's one of my boss's pet peeves. Since my boss is one of MY pet peeves, I make a point to email him on non-important issues at least a couple times a week...heh heh.

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    I am so lazy I was hoping John would see my other post about he smilies and I wouldn't have to pm him to ask if it is possible.
    Then I do have to pm him I will probably just put John look at my post in the lazy thread so I don't have to write it all up again.. geeze!

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    I'm so lazy I refuse to put my clothes away and so they would sit on the pool table in mounds. It actually took me more time to go downstairs and get some clothes than it would to just open the closet. But I didn't want to put the clothes away.

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    What a waste of a perfectly good pool table.

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    I just finally read this thread and posted in here, tada!!!!!

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    Our house in the middle of the street.
    I am so lazy I leave all my homework for the last minute. I had to write a 10 page report on acid rain's affects on the environment. I had a whole month to do it and I did it in an hour the morning it was due. I got a 92 and I must admit for the time it took me to write it, it was a kick-ass report.
    "Let's go piss off some heterosexuals ... if we can find any in this great, big, gay world of ours ... LET'S GO!" -Gale Harold, Queer As Folk season 3 wrap party reel

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    I'm so lazy that...

    I actually put off going to the restroom. I never feel like moving or stopping what I'm doing to go. Which means after a hour or two, I have to full out run to nearest toilet like an overgrown two-year old. I'll actually squirm around in my seat if no one is looking.

    I once stayed in bed for 48hrs. and just ate cheez-its for a full weekend 'cause I didn't feel like going to the kitchen. Oh for shame.

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    I'm so lazy that.

    (No, j/k. )

    I'm so lazy that I will stay in bed for 30+ minutes even when my bladder's about to explode.

    I'm so lazy that sometimes I'll yell "SHUT UP!" to my dogs until my throat hurts instead of getting up and opening the door.
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