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Thread: I'm SO lazy....

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    Re: I'm SO lazy....

    We have a double vanity in our master bath. Both sinks have their own soap dispenser. Mine ran out about a week ago. I have yet to refill it. I just use hubby's soap dispenser. I guess I am waiting for that one to be all used up before I refill both of them at the same time.

    Hubby did help me with laundry last week. He took the folded clothes to the bedroom, and put his away in his dresser drawers. Mine he left on top of my dresser. They are still there. I'm just grabbing the clothes to wear off the top of my dresser now until they are no longer there! I have never, ever understood why he will not put my clothes away like I do for his clothes. Just one of his many quirks, me thinks.

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    Re: I'm SO lazy....

    Quote Originally Posted by queenb;2773703;
    PS,myyrosiedog with all that work you're doing, seems to me you don't belong in this thread--and you will be here to do mine when?
    It was short lived. I slept the rest of the afternoon.
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