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Thread: I'm SO lazy....

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    Originally posted by GrammarGoddess
    I'm sooooo lazy...that after my divorce I made a deal w/ my ex that I'd balance his checkbook every month if he'd do the yardwork...heh heh.
    That seems like a win-win situation to me, GG.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Considering he had to mow the lawn every week and I only had to balance the checkbook once a month, heck yeah, it was a great deal!! I don't mind mowing and I love gardening, but I hated weed-wacking.

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    I'm so lazy that i had to get a lap top cuz i don't what to get up and go to my desk

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    I am so lazy the first installment of my thesis was due in march but I haven't sent it in just yet.

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    I'm so lazy that I didn't even unpack my school backpack from like 5 days ago..!!

    Bu you know what? We are not being lazy, we are being PRACTICAL!

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    I'm so lazy... I got about 10 empty glasses (some still have crystal light or water in them) surrounding my computerdesk workspace... I don't know why I cant just bring them back to the kitchen when I'm done with them... instead I just fetch a new glass until there are no clean ones left & then what do I do...

    Eureka... I get the clean ones from the dishwasher (which I of course haven't emptied yet.... why empty it when you can just take a dish right from the dishwasher when you need one... I mean... you can move it ONE LESS TIME!!! :-D )

    Also... my husband is on me about this one, whenever I unwrap something... like a candybar or something... I'll leave the wrapper on my desk, even though my trashcan is right next to me...
    IT simply takes too much effort to stretch my arm out & drop the paper in the trash ...

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    I'm so lazy that I have to hire my kid to click my mouse.
    Paintin' the Town Blue!

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    I'm so lazy that whenever I drop something I just point at it, and expect somebody to pick it up. It's actually just a habit... I didn't even realize I did it until my friend started making fun of me for it

    Ah, this thread takes so much guilt off

    I don't like to get up either. Meh, oh well.

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    im so lazy that im leaving for colorado tuesday and i havent even began to get ready like do luandrey(sp)

    see thers another sign im lazy im so lazy that i just wont do to word and see how its really spelt

    im so lazy that i talk my brother into getting up and getting me something that is like 2 feet away from me
    ~Kimber~remember vote for Chantel Kohl!

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    Originally posted by blindart
    I am so lazy the first installment of my thesis was due in march but I haven't sent it in just yet.
    Aw. I completely can relate. I procrastinated my undergraduate thesis until the last possible minute and wrote the whole thing (100 pages, plus endnotes, plus proper formatting) in 4 days. Granted, that time period doesn't include research. My master's thesis was similarly procrastinated.

    For the longest time I chalked my procrastination up to "perfectionism," because that was the pat-on-the-back reason. Really, it was just that I was afraid of being frustrated. Deadlines used to work great for me, because my fear of breaking my commitments was stronger than my fear of being frustrated. Usually, the frustration is over after the activity is underway. I'm not sure that this describes you, but let me know if you'd like a listener.

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