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Thread: VACATION!! Yeah!! (Anyone Else?)

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    Re: VACATION!! Yeah!! (Anyone Else?)

    Leaving Saturday on my Princess California Coastal cruise! San Francisco to Santa Barbara to Long Beach (though usually goes to Catalina) to Ensenada and home in 7 days. We have a mini-suite that sleeps 3 and has a huge deck and a bathtub!

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    Re: VACATION!! Yeah!! (Anyone Else?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Baby's Breath View Post
    You should do it once, but it is not as spectacular as you are imagining. Your mother's friend is correct. I was there Christmastime 2010. The winding road to get there was a highlight and so were the secret passages.

    Boldt Castle is even nicer and Hearst Castle is spectacular.

    I do love me a castle!
    I have been to Boldt Castle too,I loved that! Granted it was 20 years ago and there were still many parts that hadn't been renovated yet, there was still graffiti on the wall! The 1000 Islands around it were awesome too!

    It ended up being overcast and a bit chilly when we got down there yesterday but by the time we took the tour and ate lunch it had warmed up just enough to enjoy the gardens. The tulips and daffodils had bloomed and they were beautiful! The roses of course hadn't bloomed but that was ok because there was a conservatory full of beautiful flowers too. My kid loved it and she has already said she wants to go back again sometime when its warmer to enjoy the gardens more! The ride home today was gorgeous...those mountains in NC and TN make the drive spectacular!

    Looking forward to my next mini-vacay my sister and nephews are going to a Con in Nashville in May, Im just tagging along to help with the drive/hotel expense. Time to start researching what I can do while they are at the Con during the day!
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    Re: VACATION!! Yeah!! (Anyone Else?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Punkin View Post
    Leaving Saturday on my Princess California Coastal cruise! San Francisco to Santa Barbarovea to Long Beach (though usually goes to Catalina) to Ensenada and home in 7 days. We have a mini-suite that sleeps 3 and has a huge deck and a bathtub!
    I love Catalina -- I hope you get to go there. Last year at this time, hubby and I went on a little overnight staycation there for his birthday.
    Santa Barbara is awesome, too. (went there on our honeymoon)
    Best wishes for a wonderful vacation!
    See you Wednesday!
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    Re: VACATION!! Yeah!! (Anyone Else?)

    We're headed off for an 8-day vacation this morning. Because it involves flying (Phoenix to Ft Lauderdale), I shall be ingesting Xanax when we get to the airport.

    The trip will add two new ziplines to our list (one on the ship and one in Haiti).

    But the best news is, Mr. AZC and I decided in late January that we were going to increase our daily walking, and decrease our daily caloric intake. As a result, I've lost 18 pounds, and he's lost 22. Between us, we've lost a 5-year-old. LOL.

    Our goal is to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. We track it on Fitbit. We started giving ourselves a little reward: we start each week fresh on Sunday. Since we walk over 10,000 steps each day, we give ourselves a little treat on Saturday. For example, if we're at 64,000 steps over the total on Saturday morning, we only have to do 6,000 steps on Saturday. Because of our busy "get ready for our trip" week, we're already well past 70,000 this week . . . so we've been joking about walking backwards all day.

    I should have internet access on my phone when we're in ports, so I'll check in to make sure you're all behaving!!!!
    I'm Paula.

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    Re: VACATION!! Yeah!! (Anyone Else?)


    I'm going to be in Santa Rosa (CA) for three nights next month. I will have 2 days to do some sightseeing. Any recommendations on things to see/do? Thanks!
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    Re: VACATION!! Yeah!! (Anyone Else?)

    Perhaps short trips to Sonoma and Napa. I don't know how much the fires of last fall effected the terrain, but it normally is a very pretty drive.
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