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Thread: What are you "snobby" about?

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    Originally posted by firegirl

    And I MUST have good sheets! I can't sleep w/out them, I swear!
    Firegirl. that reminds me of a incident with me and sheets. My step-mother stopped by the condo we had in Fla. one time and asked about the sheets I had on the other side of my kingsize bed. She asked when was I going to put them on? I said "when I get around to it" (just like a single guy). then it dawned one her to ask "how long have they been one my bed?" I repiled "3 months" sad to say a true story. so....so much for needing sheets for me........

    Hi 702loves205. I'm just up the road from you, reno

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    Originally posted by firegirl

    ummmmm oh and a candle snob, I love Trapp gardenia or Lemon verbena. Maybe purses too,, but I would carry a great knock off! [/B]
    Uh-oh, Firegirl........you just reminded me that I am also a candle snob!!! :O If it's not a Yankee Candle, it's not working for me!! I KNOW they cost too much.....but I am so worth it!!!!!

    I think it's that I can always count on the scents to be reliable, many, and in many cases, you can almost TASTE them they smell so realistic!!! That MacIntosh Apple.......mmmmmm!!! And the scent of Christmas Wreath smells exactly like a Christmas tree. If you don't do anything else, just go sniff this one!!! It Is Fabulous!!!! Clean Cotton, Lemongrass and Orange, Spiced Pumpkin Pie.....I could go on and on!!!

    This is just one of the nice things I do for myself because I am a nice person AND I work hard for my money AND I deserve it!!

    I am hopelessly hooked!!!

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    I am a total snob about cheese.

    There can be no processed cheeses in my fridge. No cheese in a can, thank you very much.

    The cheeses that I prefer are usually imported, and if domestic, they must be exceptional in quality and flavor.

    I am also snobbish about the way that I speak, and am very careful to avoid grammatical errors. I love expanding my vocabulary.

    Books have to be well-written and intelligent. Romance novels are not for me.

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    Yep the Yankee Candles are yummy,, I like the fress grass too I like to have that burning w/the clean cotton it makes the house smell so clean and summery,, also if you burn the coconut one at the same time its total summer memories!
    But for elegant smell, nothing beats the Trapp candles and talk about $$ Votive is a great brand too their Gardenia is the best I have ever smelled! long burning though!

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    I'm with Holly on this one.

    I hate cheap /fake jewelry.

    I like the real thing baby!!

    Also,..I got a hang up with burnt cds. Silly. But, I like the original cd in the package.

    I don't like used things. Brand new everything. (Not that I can afford that all the time)

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    Thought it might be fun to *BUMP* this thread up for a refresher. Here are a select few of mine:

    *I am a complete and utter chinese food snob. I have been known to walk out of restaurant's just by looking at a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup. It'll be a cold day in Hades before I stomach chinese food at the mall food court or one of the drive-thru chain stores like Hong Kong Express. I refuse to order food from a place that requires me to order by number. I also turn my nose at people who swear they make a great stir-fry. I'm sorry but chances are, their "stir-fry" tastes like garbage (unless it's mine ).

    *I also only drink Lipton's Green Tea w/ Honey. No other iced tea will do.
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    I'm a TV snob. It has to be a flat screen TV, the system has to have Dolby Digital surround sound. My ex-boyfriend got really mad at me at some point, because I hemmed and hawed about going to his place and watch TV, and he knew it was because he didn't have a flat screen TV and he called me on it. I mean, it was okay for me to hang out at his place, but if we had to watch TV, it was just better to be at my place. I'm not particularly proud of my behavior, but when it comes to watching TV it just has to be quality.

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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    Heinz ketchup - there are no other kindz

    I won't/can't eat processed meat - this includes lunchmeat, McChicken, Subway. If you check the package it says mechanically deboned .. if you don't know what that is - I won't be the one to tell you

    I will only use Crest toothpaste, early in our marriage my husband bought Colgate and I made him return it.. he never did it again

    this is probably not so much snobbery as prejudice - I can't abide dirty people.
    No matter how lacking you are in the money department, if you have a place to live you also have access to water (and hopefully soap) It costs next to nothing to be clean and your dignity is worth every penny.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    I am a huge snob about cookies/other baking products. Why buy a cake from Safeway with about an inch of frosting between each layer when I could make you one easily? Ooh and those cookies that you just break off and shove in the oven? I don't think so. Cake mixes? uh, no. I'm so anal about it.

    And I'm the total opposite of John, it must be Coke. If there's a soda machine with no Coke, I just get Root Beer/Dr. Pepper. Don't give me no stinkin' Pepsi! Although, to avoid making a scene at restaurants, I do answer that Pepsi would be alright when I ask for a Coke, but I get a bit peeved.
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    Has to be Diet Coke. Nothing else will do, and I know which fast-food places serve Coke products vs. Pepsi products. I have been known to go to two different places - one for the food, and another for the drink. (Okay - I'll put that in the OCD thread.)

    Although my coffee snobbery doesn't come close to GG's (i.e., having Juan Valdez pick the beans himself, roast them daily and send them via donkey-express to my door) - I do insist on REAL half and half.

    and all the superfluous "x" -es tossed about. (expresso, expecially, ax...)

    Of course a biggie for me is the apostrophe - your/you're; I can live with the occasional its/it's, and the b-gillion others I won't list here.

    And I have to have flannel sheets. The cotton ones hurt me, they are so rough on my delicate-as-a-flower skin. (Really, it's true!)

    And, like most of us, I break every one of these rules - expecially here on the fort.

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