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Thread: What are you "snobby" about?

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    An innocent bystander nlmcp's Avatar
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    the only things I'm snobby about is (are) (now I'm panicking about my poor spelling and almost just as bad grammer)

    Red Rose Tea....that's it, as far as I'm concerned there is no other tea.

    got to have coffee creamer...prefer flavoured but otherwise half and half...can't stand milk in my coffee any more

    I find not having these items effects my affect for the whole day.

    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    I only cook occasionally, and I am not usually picky about things if something tastes good when prepared. I used to have friends, though, that I considered to be baking snobs.

    They thought that "if it was not baked from scratch, it can't be worth much." They were good cooks, but it was more fun for them and they were used to cooking for large families or groups. Me...I was happy just to make cupcakes or mac and cheese for group gatherings. For them, if someone brought something made from a cake mix, they would frown and act as if it was no good. (Even so, they usually wasted no time gobbling it up anyway!

    I think I used to be a job snob, though. In my 20's I thought it was best to have a professional, white-collar type occupation. Now that I'm in my early 40's, I realize the most important thing is do have an honest job of most any type, and that you should love what you do more than how much money or prestige the job brings your way.
    Just take a breath and relax...everything's going to be just fine...

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    I too have to go with the Kraft mac and cheese, there isn't any other that comes close to tasting the same.

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    I also love the Kraft Mac and Cheese, however I HAVE to dress it up with about 3 different kinds of cheeses and maybe a little garlic powder!! TO DIE FOR!!!!

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    The only thing I'm snobby about is food. I only like to buy certain brands, sale or not it doesn't matter. I only buy pillsbury wheat bread and I am also a Kraft girl

    Trust me, add an egg, shredded cheese and pepper to your favorite box of Kraft mac and cheese, pop it in the oven and take it to your next potluck and everyone will swear it's homemade!

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    FORT Spaghettio Shayla's Avatar
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    What is up with all you boxed-food people?

    I'm a fresh pasta snob. Can't you tell? Pasta must come from the refridgerated section, unless it's a can of spaghettios.

    I am naught, a gramer or spieling snob. Heheh, I slay me.

    I am a juice snob, in that if a juice contains white grape juice, then I will boycott the entire company. Good juice should not be "watered down" with white grape juice...well, unless it's on sale, in which case I'll make an exception. Grape juice is yummy, as is, but the diluting of good juice with white grape juice concentrate is criminal. At least have the balls to call your juice "cherry-grape" or whatever.

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by Shayla
    I'm a fresh pasta snob. Can't you tell? Pasta must come from the refridgerated section, unless it's a can of spaghettios.
    at "spaghettios." I received this

    as a graduation gift and talk about being demanding when it comes to pasta now. The only drawback is the elbowgrease required to make a batch but good food is worth it.

    Barilla's not bad as far as readily-available dry pastas go. And I never order pasta in restaurants unless I'm paying in Euros.

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    I am surprised that no one has answered "music snob" yet! I know a lot of music snobs, although I'm not one. Well, just a little bit, but not nearly as bad as a "true" music snob!

    I'm really not a snob about anything, except maybe jewelry. I don't know much about gem stones, so I'm not a snob in that way, but I am a snob in that I HATE costume jewelry. Yuck.

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    Okay, maybe "snob" is not the right word for these.... Probably right, it's more OCD than anything, but there are several items I will not stray from.

    1- Ketchup. I will only eat Heinz. Otherwise I'll skip it ketchup altogether.
    2- Pepto-Bismol brand. Otherwise I will go without.
    3- Pepsi v. Coke - will not drink Diet Pepsi, only Diet Coke
    4- Tea (in the non herbal category)- only Tetley British Blend or Bigelow English Breakfast
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    phorshay- I am right there with you! But I have a summer and winter fragrance.. both I have worn FOREVER and I love them and get compliments on them!
    And I MUST have good sheets! I can't sleep w/out them, I swear!

    I am sort of a coffee/creamer snob and a little bit of a wine snot..
    ummmmm oh and a candle snob, I love Trapp gardenia or Lemon verbena. Maybe purses too,, but I would carry a great knock off!

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