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While I don't mind adjusting to DST and Standard Time all that much (after all, it's only an hour), it is a pain in the butt during the four weeks out of the year that we're out of sync with when France (and other countries) change to and from DST. In addition to my other stuff, I've been teaching ESL to clients in Paris via Skype, and this puts me in a time crunch between my last Skype class ends and my first local after-school tutoring session begins. Luckily, in two weeks, France will spring ahead to DST/summer time, and I'll have my lunch break back.
I'm in the Eastern time zone and have one sibling that lives in one of those countries that changes on the old dates and another sibling in Arizona where they never change. Whenever I go to phone either of them, I have to stop and think, "Now how many hours off are we?"

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Sadly my elderly VCRs are apparently living in France. They were programed to change on a certain date, and they will not respond to the automatic time set signals they are receiving to update. It shows you how old they are that they are still on "old" DLST.
My VCRs are on the old system too, so I had to change them manually on Sunday, and in a couple of weeks they will change automatically (can't seem to turn that feature off) and I'll have to manually change them back.