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Thread: When no one was looking!

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    In a movie

    When no one was looking!

    What is the silliest thing you did when you think no one was watching?

    Sometimes when I'm alone in the washroom, and I'm using the hand-dryer, I would direct the gush of air towards my hair, such that my hair flies up. Kind of like a model photo shot . And I'll smile alluringly (I hope) and look in the mirror, imagining I'm a model or such.

    What is the silliest thing you do when you thought no one was watching?
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    I'll sing!

    Okay, I'm really bad at singing so I only do that in the bathroom and definitely not out loud.

    And oh yah, I also try out the weirdest dance steps when no one is looking. Awful!
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    I loved being pregnant , so I try to stick my stomach out real far like when I was and remember..

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    When I practice my bass guitar, I'll pretend I'm actually on stage somewhere... lol ... practice the winks & practice being "Animated" at the same time I'm focusing on doing the bass walks right..... I'm sure it looks ridiculous.... lol

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