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Thread: Whats in your bag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firegirl
    try not to strip it and then SUNSCREEN!!!!
    How I wish I'd known this in high school. Could have helped prevent all those darn freckles that came with my red hair and pale skin. I always make sure I have sunscreen in my purse in the summer, in case I get caught outside. I also use foundation and moisturizer with sunscreen in it every day.

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    What do you carry in your purse?

    It's always interesting to find out the things we women keep in our purses! I throw so many things in there, I lose track!

    So what do you girls carry in your purses?

    Right now in my purse I have:

    Cell phone
    3 Lip balms
    2 Lip gloss
    Compact mirror
    My watch (I dont wear it...I take it everywhere with me, though! )
    Cleaning hand gel
    Hair scrunchie
    Nail clipper
    2 Floppy disks
    1 CD
    My agenda
    Drawing pencils case

    ...of course, my purse is more like a purse/bag to be able to carry all those things

    By the way, I'm obsessed with lip balm and gloss...in case you didn't notice

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