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Thread: Who would you spend time TALKING with.....

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    Who would you spend time TALKING with.....

    Ok we've had threads that involve who would you get down & dirty with, who do you have a crush on etc etc etc...

    Well....if we look beyond the pretty faces for a minute...and take into consideration what you actually know about celebrities as a person... like what their interests are, what their hobbies are, what their religions are, what their views on life are etc etc ....

    WHO would you want to spend time with? To discuss things you have in common or to discuss topics that they know about that you're interested in etc?

    I'm saying look beyond the pretty faces, that doesnt mean you can't pick someone handsome, but give us reasons why you picked this person, other than his looks.

    I'll be first and say that 2 people I would really like to hang out with based on interests is Fabio and Viggo Mortensen.

    Fabio because we actually have a lot of topis & interests that are the same.... we both love mythology, we both like to rescue dogs from the shelters, we both write, we BOTH have dealt with immigration ..... and moving from another country to the USA.
    We actually do have a lot of stuff in common.

    Viggo because... for one he's half danish...so we'd have a lot to talk about...even tho norway & denmark are different countries, we're pretty similar people... Not to mention I could speak Norwegian with him! hehe.
    He's also into writing & photography, which I am, and I would love to compare notes & discuss art with him.

    The two of them I feel I have a lot in common with & I would really love spending time chatting with the two ....

    So let us know, who would you like to spend time with & why?

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    I would like to spend time talking with Laura Bush, Dr Phil and Oprah

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    Oooh FG, Oprah would be awesome! But, I'd probably just sit and bawl about all the heartbreaking stories she's had on her show.

    I'd like to talk to Martha Stewart. I love to cook and learn new things about decorating, gardening, etc. I bet you could learn a lot by spending the day with her. (And, I'd like to see if she is as snooty as she acts on her show.)

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    Dr. Phil. I just love that man.

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    Oprah is the ticket for a good afternoon conversation. Lots to talk about. And Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men.

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    Depends on what kind of conversation you're talking about. If it's, say, something that you'd do on primetime or late night TV, I'd want to interview Bill O'Reilly. Agree with him, disagree with him, he's definitely colorful. Would be fun to have him on the other side of the interview table.

    If it's a more relaxed, daytime TV thing, then I'd want to talk to Dr. Phil as well. Did anyone see his appearance with David Letterman? Putting the two of them together was absolute genius.

    For a private conversation, I dunno. I don't pay attention to celebrities enough, I guess.

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    Roseanne. I find her fascinating and I'm a huge fan. It sounds crazy, but her TV show really inspired me.

    Jeff Probst... to get all the Survivor gossip

    There are more serious answers, but I'm at a loss right now.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    Jiffy would be a great to talk with Miss F
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Dr. Phil. I would love to talk to him about psychology (my major). Maybe I could get a guest spot on his show. Maybe he could introduce me to his son. Hehe, seriously, I love Dr. Phil. I watch his show whenever I'm home when it's on. (One of my classes actually requires watching it atleast once per week! )

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    I think talking with Queen Elizabeth would be interesting.

    Helen Thomas...I read her book about her career and that was interesting, she seems very funny also
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