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Thread: Does anyone fear the dentist like me?

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    I hate going to the dentist, I always put it off. I need to go soon but it makes me nervous and upset to be there. hate the shots, the drill etc etc I feel like I'm going to throw up when they clean my teeth. yuck
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    Originally posted by cali
    Stevie, one time (10 years ago) I went to the dentist to have a filling. She shot me up with novacaine but I could still feel everything. She gave me another shot, then told me I was imagining it because there was no way I could still feel anything. I COULD. She drilled down and hit a nerve. When I yelled she yelled at me and said I didn't feel it!!!

    I've had an irrational fear ever since. I used to LOVE going to the dentist.

    Last time I went (about a year ago I guess) I had to have one of my way back teeth pulled. When I explained how scared I was the dentist tried to talk me through the novacain shot. I told him I didn't mind the shots, it was after. He was great but my knuckles where white from grabbing the arm of the chair, and I swear my heart was beating so hard I thought I may actually have a freakin heart attack.

    Haven't been back again since. I realy need to go.
    aw Cali I feel for ya!!
    I had a bad experience too wayyy back which is why I'm terrified now.
    I did have a very good experience the other day though. The girl doing my teeth was very empathetic and knew I was a wreck and gave me some ideas to relax.

    I have the best dentist too.
    I see a kid's dentist!! I feel stupid about it but, it works! He is really good and when he is away I will not see his associate.

    I'm in my late 30s and just getting braces!!

    Anyway, I get sick thinking of what this other guy did to me. long story and I won't go into it.

    What this girl suggested the other day was something I had to do in labor with my daughter. Focus on ONE thing on the ceiling and breathe through your stomach. It actually worked.

    I was relieved I don't have to go back for any cavities -

    The braces thing though kills me.......

    I freaked my daughter out and told her I was getting purple braces just for her! (she got mad)

    I only have to have them for 6 months.....but! feel wayy too old for this!

    Anyway, when I go, I won't take anything again. Xanax is awful!

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    StevieM, this is such a scream!

    I have a fair bit of PTSD, so any trip to the dentist brings back memories of other things.

    I generally start off a trip to the dentist chair with, "Don't mind me, I am just a white-knuckler" and then grip the chair handles like crazy. I hate the dentist, but have found one that completely understands the fear. He hates the dentist too - or so he tells me.

    He is very gentle and he talks (yak, yak, yak) the whole time to keep my mind off things.

    Actually, my fear of the bill is greater than the pain. I think.

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